The NYT’s Ad Crystal Ball Is A Bit Cloudy

Writing in The New York Times, Louise Story takes a stab at what’s ahead for advertising: Not surprisingly, many agencies are focusing on how the digital world will continue nudging the offline world in new directions, and consumer-generated content is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. But ad executives also say they think companies should […]

Second Life Reality Check

From reading the trade press, you’d think every marketer was falling over themselves to get on Second Life, thinking the site’s popularity is exploding. But over at Valleywag, Clay Shirky parses the claimed numbers of “residents” and “logins” and finds huge discrepancies. He also suggests that reporters have simply parroted Linden Labs’ inflated numbers without […]

Can A Fake Band Sell Out?

Maybe they have to pay out lots o’ life insurance for all those spontaneously combusting drummers, but as a huge fan of This Is Spinal Tap, I can’t help but be bummed out about this. Why Ogilvy has to do this to a good song, particularly by using it in a completely humorless way, I […]

Rotten Dusenberries

If jolly ol’ Saint Nick stuffed your stocking with an Amazon or Borders gift certificate, our friend George Parker has a word of caution of you. Seems that last year, BBDO veteran Phil Dusenberry released a book of memoirs called “Then We Set His Hair on Fire: Insights and Accidents from a Hall of Fame […]

Santa’s Come A Long Way, Baby

No wonder he likes chimneys. Courtesy of a bunch of auctions on eBay, you can see that Santa used to shill for all sorts of cigarette makers:

Jiffy Lube Wants A Two-Way Customer Conversation. Maybe.

In Southern California, Jiffy Lube locations got busted for not doing work that customers paid for. The above follow-up report, taken from the local news in LA, shows clips of a Jiffy Lube “apology” commercial and the reactions of some of the customers who got screwed. It doesn’t appear Jiffy Lube is all that interested […]

I’m Still Voting For Chris Christmas Rodriguez This Year

Done a while back and it still cracks me up. See all of them here.

A Quick Lesson In Customer Service Courtesy Of Home Depot

1) Don’t call someone a “cunt.” 2) If you call someone a “cunt,” make sure that woman’s husband is not nearby. 3) If you call someone a “cunt” and their husband is nearby, act very apologetic and remorseful, and do something to rectify the situation. 4) If you call someone a “cunt” and their husband […]