Art Directors Club Call For Entries Takes On Armageddon

I’ll admit I didn’t study the Art Directors Club call for entries poster when it came in the mail a couple of weeks ago: It’s intended to be the “Final Call For Entries.” But over at Little Green Footballs, a right-leaning political blog, the poster was interpreted like this: It’s an impressive panoply of moonbat […]

Convergence Is Converging This Week

Between Macworld and the Consumer Electronics Show, both going on this week, we’re going to see a lot of new gadgets, doodads, and gizmos that will combine the power of video with the Internet, along with the services that will sell them to consumers. Like this bit from Sony: Sony revealed Sunday a system that […]

The People Win. Again.

First, Time made ‘You’ its “Person Of The Year.” Now, Ad Age has named ‘The Consumer’ Agency Of The Year. From the lead article: From an agency perspective, there are exactly three ways to look at the rise of consumer control. The first view is like something out of the Book of Revelation — all […]

Did Hal Riney Kill The Electric Car?

So I’m sitting here watching Who Killed The Electric Car?, a documentary about GM’s EV1 electric car, which was produced in the late 90’s. About 18 minutes into the movie comes a discussion of the TV ads (one shown above) and print work done by Hal Riney. One of the former EV1 marketing executives interviewed […]

First Came Web 2.0. Now Come The Web 2.0 Dot Bombs

While social networking in all its forms has bred a lot of new websites, and media hype to go with it, the beginnings of a shakeout seem to be in order. On Wednesday, Seattle-based Jobster announced it was laying off 60 people — 40% of its staff. Jobster is a job board/career networking site (think […]

Why Is Sprint/Nextel Agitating The Dots With A Review?

I’m not the target market, but a lot of the recent Sprint/Nextel work has made me chuckle. Like this spot. And I don’t laugh much at what comes on TV randomly. But according to Adweek, Sprint/Nextel is looking to consolidate its account at one agency. There’s $1 billion at stake: The client is seeking a […]

Rescuing Lost Brands

Having grown up in Atlanta, I’ve always had a soft spot for Home Depot. Seriously. I remember shopping at their first store. They were known for having good service. The founders of the company were known for being down-to-earth, and now that they’ve cashed out they’ve given back to the ATL community in numerous ways. […]

JWT Says Iceland And Soft Natural Hair Are “In”

This is pretty good. On PRNewswire, you can see the list of 70 things JWT trendspotters say are “in” for 2007. “Trends are illustrated by the products and services that exemplify them,” says leading trendspotter Marian Salzman, EVP, chief marketing officer of JWT Worldwide and co-author of the new book Next Now (Palgrave Macmillan), a […]