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Have Script, Will Pedal

Getting a break in Hollywood is a super-human task, best sought by those with unnaturally thick skin, insane perseverance and palpable talent. If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, you will also want to harness the power of “the crowd” to move your script up the chain and get it read by the right people. According to […]

Nostalgia At the Push of A Button

The Vaccines reached out to their fans for help making a music video and free commercial for Instgram, the photo sharing app for the iPhone. via: The Chicago Egotist

Mobile Advertising Needs To Get Moving

Writing in The Huffington Post, Sal Candela, Director of Mobile for PHD Media, asks why the mobile ad space is so underutilized: Mobile is different. Mobile can ask a consumer to do something — touch it, tap it, say something, watch something. But most importantly it can react based upon that person’s response. For example, […]

The Marketing Opportunity In Social Pales When Compared To Spreading An Idea Virus

Socialistic CEO Colleen DeCourcy sat on a panel during Ad Week in New York last week that was hosted by’s John Abell. According to Adweek, Abell wondered if the multi-billion dollar advertising business on social networks is sustainable. DeCourcy argued that brands should be using social media for bigger ventures than simple micro-targeting. “Social […]

Mr. McKee Goes To Manhattan And Beyond

Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland in the ABQ, contributes to BusinessWeek, which must increase his footprint substantially. Especially, when he offers solid advice like “Ten Common Marketing Mistakes” that the magazine’s readers can internalize, bookmark or print out and discuss. One mistake McKee identifies is Letting market research trump everything: Too many marketers […]

The Promise of Actionable Data Made Real

Data on consumer activity and preferences is abundant today, but the ability to work with it, to turn it into meaningful insights that impact the brand’s bottom line, is not. Hence, the need for Digitas’ latest offering, CRM365. Based in New York City, CRM365 launches with 45 people and will partner with VivaKi digital and […]

Occupy Wall Street Occupies A Place Among Some Ad Industry Professionals

Writing on his blog Creative Direction, T.J. Bennett, an ACD at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, looks why some ad people empathize with the Occupy Wall Street movement: Many of us gravitated to advertising because we felt we could make a difference. We didn’t want to blindly follow the corporate drones—we wanted to create something. […]