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Feds Don’t See The Need For Weed — Or The Ads For It

One of the most startling differences in the media landscape between where I moved from (Atlanta) and where I am now (Seattle) is that in the alternative weekly magazines, ads for medical marijuana dispensaries are quite prominent. If the feds have their way, that may not last. SignOnSanDiego has more: San Diego’s U.S. attorney, Laura […]

The Oldest Profession Gets A New Ad Campaign

A new ad campaign on behalf of Stepping Stone Nova Scotia draws attention to the plight of sex workers. On a blog called Sociological Images, Margo DeMello, a cultural anthropologist, offers her perspective on the campaign: I love the motivation behind the ads, and they do make me smile. I hope they have the effect […]

Romney Blasts The President On YouTube

Mitt Romney is rolling out the ads for online audiences. According to Mashable, the following attack ads are not running on TV in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, or on any other airwaves. Instead, the ads are “airing” exclusively inside these series of ‘tubes. I’m interested in hearing your opinions of these ads. Please […]

Does News Come To You, Or Do You Go Find It?

Are you a Tumblr? According to Fortune, Tumblr has gone from 2 billion pageviews a month to over 13 billion and from 1 billion total posts to more than 10 billion in the past year. In September, Tumblr also announced an $85 million dollar round of financing. So someone’s a Tumblr. Mark Coatney is Media […]

Spirit Airlines Captures Some Of Herman Cain’s Spirit

Playing off the Republican Presidential candidate’s plan to reform the current tax code*, we get a new nine dollar sale from ultra low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines. Capitalizing on recent events and catchphrases is nothing new for Spirit. *9-9-9 refers to Cain’s proposed 9% tax on corporate profits; a personal flat tax of 9%; and a […]

Legal Doesn’t Always Mean Right

I have never dined at Legal Sea Foods, “a fish company in the restaurant business.” Perhaps, I will someday–I’m intrigued by the brand’s appeal to those with a diminished tolerance for humorless environmentalists (even though I sometimes fall into that camp, myself). “I’m not trying to antagonize environmentalists,” says Roger Berkowitz, CEO of Legal Sea […]

Why Consumerism Won’t Get Us Out of This Mess: It Takes Money, To Spend Money

Is the ad business more relevant or less relevant in times of economic instability? For the sake of argument, I’ll say advertising is even more important, because it’s all the more necessary to persuade people that X Widget or Y Service is actually worth spending hard-earned money on. Let’s look to BusinessWeek for more information […]

When American Cars Aren’t Really American, Americana Docudramas Probably Are Not The Way To Go

Here’s Mother’s (not Goodby’s) new work for Chevy. It’s a content play with an ad in the middle. Sort of like a jelly donut. In other American automotive industry news, Made in USA Foundation is taking Chrysler to task over advertisements depicting the Chrysler 300 as “Imported from Detroit.” The California-based group filed a false […]