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For Political Attack Ads, Anonymous Cash Is Flowing And Sparks Are Flying

You might think TV or radio advertising is dead, but the cash is flowing to those media from political operatives. Only we don’t know who’s behind the messaging. What we do know is that anonymous groups are using cash to target politicians, even if it’s early in the election cycle. Bloomberg Businessweek has more: .Spending […]

Pass Your I.D., Then Pass The Patron

According to Toronto Star, researchers parsed 793 songs on Billboard Magazine’s top 100 lists from 2005-2007 and found that 21.3 per cent of them referred explicitly to alcohol and of those, 24.3 per cent referred to alcohol by brand. The brands mentioned most often were Patrón Téquila, Grey Goose Vodka, Hennessy Cognac and Cristal Champagne. […]

When The Cabo Wabo Tequila Starts Flowing, So Do The Stories

I’m kinda amazed Mick Fleetwood remembers anything, but in this video, sponsored by Cabo Wabo Tequila, the Fleetwood Mac co-founder shares a drink and a memory with NYC-based artist Nicole Atkins. Creative agency Exposure created this video for the tequila brand. It’s the first part of the brand’s “Off The Record” video series, which will […]

Does Beer Have An Image Problem?

This article in Ad Age suggests that by volume, beer sales will be down almost 2% this year. And if like me, you’ve ever worked on a beverage client, you know that’s a seismic downward shift. As of late, big beer brands — which used to be known for buzzworthy ads — are having a […]

Help Fight Boredom With Coffee And A Sense of Humor

I love the black and white illustrated simplicity of Kaffe 1668’s website. When you load their home page, you find the first of 84 comic strip frames. I scrolled through all of them, but here are three to give you an idea.

Print Vehicle, Marie Claire, Invests In More Print

According to The New York Times, Marie Claire is preparing a 72-page supplement called Marie Claire@Work for its November issue. The November issue was selected to introduce the supplement because the issue is devoted to the subject of money. The primary advertiser in Marie Claire@Work, with 14 ad pages, is Express, the apparel retailer, which […]

Are We Perfectly Content To Occupy Our Laptops?

It was a beautiful fall day here in Seattle this past Saturday. And even though I was going to meet someone 8 blocks away, I made a point of going to the Occupy Seattle protest to see what it was all about. And even though I’m more sympathetic than not to many of the issues […]

Tech And Advertising Need Each Other, But They Don’t Want The Same Things

You know what’s odd? According to Digiday, “there’s a tendency in tech, especially in Silicon Valley, to view advertising remotely, even look down on it.” Yet, every day there’s a new tech startup sprouting up in a loft near you with the intention of getting rich from advertising. “I frequently meet startups which believe that […]