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Help The Howard Gossage Documentary Get To The Finish Line

He wasn’t very famous in his own time, but San Francisco adman Howard Luck Gossage has acheieved cult status. A compilation of his writing and other thoughts about him called The Book of Gossage is required reading for young creatives. Now, British filmmaker Ashley Pollak, Creative Director at Etio, is working to complete a documentary […]

That Banner’s Been To Hell And Back

The brainchild of “Internet whizkids” Mike Cojanu, 23, and Max Teitelbaum, 20, WhatRunsWhere is a competitive intelligence service for online media buying. What are your thoughts? Do you need to know how your clients, or prospective clients, have historically purchased online media? WhatRunsWhere is offering this information for $229/month.

30 Years On, Kettle Brand Is On TV

In 2010, Kettle Foods of Salem, Oregon joined the Diamond Foods family, which includes Emerald Nuts, Diamond Nuts and Pop Secret Popcorn. Now, after 30 years of reliance on word-of-mouth (born of a high quality products), Kettle Brand Potato Chips is rolling out a new campaign that includes the brand’s first national television advertising. The […]

Advertising Is Water. Now, That’s A New Analogy To Me.

Over at the The Atlantic, they’re rolling out a week-long look at the future of marketing. While no one has a crystal ball to determine the future of the business, the Atlantic does have some good writers, so it’ll be interesting to see where they take this. But here’s the analogy that caught my eye, […]

Ring Me When You’re Seriously Interested

Direct marketers, take a bow. According to BusinessWeek, when digital ads lead to a phone call, conversions soar. Call advertising has been available for several years but has gotten a boost as smartphone sales take off. Less than a year ago, Google reported it was connecting millions of phone calls via click-to-call each month (where […]

Cue Laugh Track

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but the following news from MediaPost is oddly amusing. The Center for Digital Democracy, Consumer Action, Consumer Watchdog, and The Praxis Project are complaining to the Federal Trade Commission that Doritos is harming teens by creating immersive game sites like and Asylum626, without making clear the sites’ purpose is […]

Bogusky For Mayor!

Author Jon Krakauer and adman Alex Bogusky want a better energy future for Boulder. There are some interesting lines in Bogusky’s pitch. Bringing 650 high paying jobs to Boulder County is a big deal.

How Much “Made In America” Can Americans Take?

Manufacturing is a key sector of the economy, and with all the manufacturing jobs shipped overseas in the last decade, American companies are falling all over themselves to appear as American, and as industrial, as possible. Now, it’s Carhartt’s turn: This ad from Team Detroit doesn’t do a lot for the brand, in my opinion. […]