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No Wallet Required, Just An Expensive Smart Phone

Square, the other company from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is working hard to make offline payments easy. And as Dorsey reminds in this piece from Fortune, 94% of all transactions happen offline. I have to admit that I am slow to adopt certain technologies. I don’t have a tablet, for instance. So, I’m looking at […]

Lady Gaga Surfs Chrome

This new commercial for Google Chrome celebrates Lady Gaga’s special and unmediated relationship with her fans, the Little Monsters. According to Mashable, Google is far from the only brand lining up to work with Lady Gaga. The promotional juggernaut further ramped up her all-encompassing web presence, fostering partnerships with Zynga for the FarmVille-inspired GagaVille, Starbucks […]

Social’s Effectiveness Is Over-Hyped

New business consultant, Michael Gass, knows a lot more about acquiring new business than I do. One look at his About page and all his “Career New Business Acquisitions” tells me that much. Yet, I take Gass’ interest in, and relentless promotion of social media as a vehicle for new business, with a major grain […]

A Screen So Clear, People Will Want To Smash It

The following commercial for Samsung and AT&T is one of the worst I’ve seen this year. Yes, I know how awesome the work from BBDO New York is. But knowing that actually makes this worse, not better. “Clearly, Samsung doesn’t mind someone attacking its products in TV ads,” notes Adweek’s Tim Nudd, who is amused […]

Reebok Gets Star Athletes To Dance

Reebok wants athletes and their fans to “try the shoe with the energy boost.” Apparently, “its unique sole propels you forward and is designed to help reduce muscle fatigue in your shins.” If you need a bit more motivation to Zig where others zag, here it is in the form of an eight-spot campaign from […]

REO Speedwagon Song Put To Pasture Good Use

The Martin Agency has found a way to make REO Speedwagon relevant again. There ought to be an award for such things. Whoa, let’s run that tagline again. “Breakstone’s–the sour creamier sour cream that your other food loves.” There you have it, you don’t need to love it, so long as your other food loves […]

Will Burnett Succeed Where Fallon (And Others) Have Failed?

Chicago’s most famous ad agency is giving New York City a go. According to Ad Age, the desire to open in New York has been driven in part by Burnett’s chief creative officer, Susan Credle, who spent 24 years at BBDO/New York. “If the creative product we make defines us as an agency, then we […]

Paid, Owned & Earned

Rishad Tobaccowala, chief strategy officer at VivaKi in Chicago, discusses the future of advertising and marketing on Yahoo! Advertising Solutions. In his vision of the future, Tobaccowala says no one company can do it all, and no one holding company can do it all. He says anybody who tells a client they can do it […]