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Dropbox Is Textbook: Great Product, Spot On Brand Identity And An Awesome Rewards Program

Dropbox is growing like crazy–they went from 4 million to 25 million members in just over one year–because the cloud-based storage company provides exactly what people need, and they do it in a no-nonsense manner that people relate to and appreciate. According to Fast Company, Dropbox isn’t interested in demonstrating the brilliant and endless potential […]

Find Your Strong On Mount Tamalpais And Beyond

Saucony is asking you to “Find Your Strong” in a new campaign from Newburyport, Massachusetts-based Mechanica. The :60 TV spot–the brand’s first–debuts tonight on ESPN, and it will continue airing on CBS College, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and Versus over the next five weeks. Chris Lindner, chief marketing officer for Saucony, said, “Our […]

Pink Pinatas, Batman

Pepto Bismol sees Cinco de Mayo as an over-indulgence occasion, and the P&G brand intends to benefit from it. When you visit the brand’s YouTube page, you are able to pick a pinata, fill it up and then choose a method to burst it. Why? Why not? Sombrero tip to Todd Wasserman at Mashable.

The Biggest Agency You’ve Never Heard Of Just Got Bigger

Aspen Marketing Services, the nation’s largest marketing services firm, has been sold for “at least $345 million,” according to The New York Times. The acquisition by the Epsilon unit of Alliance Data Systems underlines the growing role of marketing services in selling consumer products. Aspen’s specialties include direct marketing, digital marketing and the analytics that […]

Travels With Harry Hurt And The Products He Prefers

Books were once sacrosanct. Now they’re full of display ads and product placement. According to The Wall Street Journal, Harry Hurt III, has written Harry Hits the Road: Adventures in Love, Labor, and Modern Manhood, an account of his cross-country road partially funded by corporate sponsors. “Our economy is down and the traditional book publishing […]

Great With Pulled Pork, Great With Lobster Rolls

Cheerwine executives want to expand distribution to all 50 states by 2017. The highly differentiated soda brand from Salisbury, NC is currently available in just 10 states. To help reach its lofty goals, Carolina Beverage Corporation has hired Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, a New York agency with a creative reputation, according to The New […]

Marketers That Suck At Selling Are Like Birds That Suck At Flying

Earlier today I posted an article about ad agencies needing to get better at positioning themselves and their client’s brands in the marketplace. Now, let’s turn to the other elephant in the room–selling. Derek Walker of Brown and Browner in Columbia, SC thinks ad people suck at selling. Here’s the centerpiece from his latest piece […]

When Was The Last Time You Made A Great Print Ad?

Adweek’s Micahel Wolff thinks that copywriters and art directors fell out of love with magazines. He also notes that “television advertising was once lowbrow—jingles and irritating repetition—and national magazine advertising highbrow, or at least high craft: compressed language, compelling image, precise message, tailored information. Witty, sexy, informative. That perfect marriage of image and word.” Let’s […]