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Why “1984” Isn’t Like What Most People Think About “1984”

You’ve seen the spot. Plenty of times, I’m sure. But a new Adweek article from Steve Hayden, one of the spot’s creators, sheds a little more light on Apple’s “1984.” When [Steve] Jobs and Apple CEO John Sculley finally saw the rough cut of the spot, Jobs said, “This is going to cause an information […]

Dr. Phil Makes Losers Feel Better (But Why?)

The campaign was created in house by Fox Sports Marketing, directed by Smuggler’s Renny Maslow and edited by Arcade Edit’s Greg Scruton.

A Great Portfolio Is Awesome, But A Great Personality Is Better

Big Spaceship won’t employ you if you’re an asshole or a rock star. At least that’s what Michael Lebowitz told the The New York Times. I remember a guy, he really was an incredibly talented designer, one of the best I’ve ever seen, but he was just surly. No matter how good you are, design […]

Price Is An Important Sales Driver, But Brand Rides Shotgun

In 70% of package-goods categories last year, at least 30% of merchandise was sold with some kind of promotional support, according to Ad Age. However, while the percentage of packaged goods sold on price promotion increased markedly for the second consecutive year, the average volume lift per promotion fell. The declining effectiveness of price promotion […]

Lippert Squeezed Out Of The Criticism Game, Finds Her Way To The Real Game

After two decades as an ad critic at Adweek, Barbara Lippert, 55, joins Goodby Silverstein & Partners as its curator of popular culture. “We’d always thought it would be interesting to have someone on staff whose job it would be to stay in touch with popular culture,” Mr. Goodby said, because of the interplay between […]

It Takes Money To Make A Show Of Money

According to BusinessWeek, Joseph Nunes, marketing professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, and two colleagues studied shifts in the styles of Louis Vuitton and Gucci handbags marketed in the U.S. before and during the recession. “Everybody was saying, ‘the age of the conspicuous consumer is dead,’” says Nunes, so one […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: Google’s CEO Disses FB, Says Microsoft Is The Competition

The business press loves to frame things, because frames make a nice presentation, even if they’re not always factual. At the same time, it can be a mistake to take a corporate titan at his word. Let’s have a look at Eric Schmidt’s word, delivered in Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum. “We […]

No One’s Asking For Contextual Ads, But People Do Ask, And Pay For, The Help They Need

Writer, traveler and entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau, doesn’t like AdSense, the Google product that lets publishers place ads on their site in return for a trickle of change. Here’s a passage from his free PDF download, “279 Nights to Overnight Success”: Guillebeau doesn’t run ads on his site, instead he sells Unconventional Guides in eBook form. […]