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Please Glaze Appropriately

According to Marketing Daily, Duncan Hines is using four commercial-quality, YouTube-posted videos produced by Filmaka to drive sales of its new Amazing Glazes line during the holidays. “We hope that during this fun time of family togetherness, the videos will inspire bakers to channel their inner creativity and have fun with Amazing Glazes — making […]

Surely, Ads Can Still Influence Popular Culture

When the news of Leslie Nielsen’s death spread last week, it spread quickly. And pretty soon, everyone was sharing their favorite quotes from “Airplane” and “The Naked Gun.” Will we ever see a time again when mass culture is shared so much? Can advertising, which has played its role in the culture, be a part […]

The Onion Is A Multimedia Content Business, Not A Paper Pusher

According to Columbia Journalism Review, The Onion has decided to both get out of the print business and double down on print at the same time. The popular satirical newspaper and website has made the decision to franchise its print edition out to local partners. Franchisees will pay a weekly fee to license Onion content; […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Woody Goomsba

Leavenworth, WA is a tourist town known for its Bavarian-style buildings and folksy fun, according to Seattle Times. But thanks to a new promotional video from the chamber of commerce, the town may start to be known for other, more provocative attractions. “We quietly put it on YouTube on Friday,” said Nancy Smith, the chamber […]

How To Speak To A Frightened Consumer: Tell The Truth

Many agencies send holiday cards this time of year. Others, like Upshot in Chicago, issue year-end reports as a way to freely share their market intelligence and interest prospects in their thinking and available services. One of the trends Upshot identifies is Future Fear. As Americans begin to temper their eternal optimism about the future, […]

Media Makers Continue To Push Into Marketing Services

According to The Wall Street Journal, Time Inc.’s new CEO, Jack Griffin, appears to be refashioning the magazine giant in the image of his former employer, Meredith Corp. He said in an interview Monday that he wants to boost the company’s marketing services, which include functions like developing video for ad campaigns and custom publishing. […]

Old Times Here Are Not Forgotten, But The Commercials Don’t Pass Muster

We’re coming up on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War — or, as they call it around these parts, the War of Northern Aggression or the War for Southern Independence. Battlefields, reenactments, and other historical landmarks will be big tourist attractions over the next few years. But as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Radio & TV […]

Hey, Middle Schoolers, Rum And Tattoos Are Cool

This out-of-home shelter ad for Sailor Jerry rum is located right outside a Portland middle school, which might be illegal and it’s clearly ill advised. Someone at TriMet likely messed up, although the media buyer at Quaker City Mercantile may need to accept some responsibility, as well. To show you what the school has to […]