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“You Get What You Pay For” Is An Adage For A Reason

Jim Edwards at BNET wrote some things recently meant to provoke and provoke his words have. Edwards rebuts Jonah Bloom’s recent attack on the procurement officer. “The idea that clients will turn away from trying to save money on advertising because Ad Age declares it to be untrendy is, of course, ridiculous,” he writes. Edwards […]

The Emporer Wears Some Tattered Clothes

David Carr of The New York Times reflects on what it means to be in the traditional media business today: For those of us who work in Manhattan media, it means that a life of occasional excess and prerogative has been replaced by a drum beat of goodbye speeches with sheet cakes and cheap sparkling […]

Where Your Competition Is Weak, Be Strong

When you start a new company you need an edge, a point of difference, a calling card. You need something to sell that’s better than what the next guy is selling. Matt Thompson of startup agency Indigo Sky in London thinks he has all that. “There is a knowledge gap in the UK of US […]

Autocontentmatons And Advertisers In The Newsroom

According to The Wall Street Journal, AOL is betting it can reinvent itself with a numbers-driven approach to developing content, based on what Web-search and other data tell it is most likely to attract audiences and sponsors. AOL says its technology streamlines the process of assigning, editing and publishing stories by using a series of […]

TV Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That

Dear traditional ad man, you are still in the game. But you knew that all along, didn’t you? Whether your confidence waned or not, here’s some sweet music for your ears from Los Angeles Times: After pummeling traditional media companies for nearly two years, the advertising recession is showing signs of a recovery. TV networks […]

Sponsored by Belgian Beer In A Can

Mother London is taking us back to an earlier black and white time to promote Stella Artois in an aluminum can. According to Mother, the show is hosted by Alain du Monde, and consists of a sequence of nine episodes through which Alain, his robot butler Albert 3000, the Mondettes, and their guests show that […]

Out-of-Home As Theater, a popular news site in New Zealand, has found a unique way to involve staff in the media company’s promotional efforts–it humiliates them in public when they under-perform. [via Direct Daily]

Get Off of My Cloud, Klout

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m grateful for so many things. But not this, I’m not grateful to be “losing influence” on Twitter. Check out this email I found waiting for me this morning from Klout, a firm that purports to weigh one’s influence on the social Web. Dear davidburn, Did you know you are losing […]