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Ride Darling Desmond To The Show

Desmond the bull has a mind of his own. Show me a bull that doesn’t. Of course, what would a Londoner know about such things? Poke/London is determined to find out. The agency is busy offering the masses headed to Glastonbury next month intimate details about Desmond, like what patch of ground he’s inhabiting day […]

Payola Makes Triumphant Return To The Ring

Want people to help your company from its troubles? Pay them! According to the Sacramento Bee, that’s what McClatchy intends to do. The McClatchy Co., seeking to reverse a steep slump in advertising, today announced a five-point sales strategy that emphasizes the Internet and seeks to reconnect the company with former advertisers. In one of […]

Today In Twitterverse: Term Limits

Sapient Forms In-House Broadcast Production Group

Content is on the rise in marcom circles. Just yesterday, I wrote, “I believe content is attractive to customers and prospects precisely because it’s not a commercial” in response to Lux Shampoo’s long-form ad. But that’s not an opinion I share with Sapient Entertainment’s new Director of Entertainment and Executive Producer, Jim Houck. Houck doesn’t […]

Mad Style

By Manhattan standards, West Coast ad men have little style. So, it’s nice to see Jeff Goodby pick it up a little for the above editorial spread in Am Ex’s Departures Magazine (published for Platinum Card and Centurion members only). According to Adfreak’s Tim Nudd, Goodby joins David Droga, Duncan Marshall, Andrew Essex and Ted […]

Kids + Animals = Yes, I Like This Ad

Anyone know the agency that did this? UPDATE: It’s BBH, New York. Ally Bank used to be known as GMAC Bank.

Back To The Seafood Joint With You

Since isn’t exactly free, a new credit-card law passed by Congress has some implications for our hapless credit-challenged friend and the campaign featuring him. From The Huffington Post: The “free credit report” advertised non-stop on cable television, it bears repeating, isn’t free at all. The law calls for the Federal Trade Commission to issue […]

Adding A New Dimension To Advertising

The Wall Street Journal reports on some new 3-D techniques being implemented by marketers and agencies: Papa John’s International, the U.S. Postal Service and General Electric have begun to incorporate “augmented reality,” or AR — a technology that lets consumers interact with hologram-like images — into their marketing. One well-known example of AR: the yellow […]