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Please Make Good Use of This News, Analysis and Commentary

I had an important talk today with Tom Asacker, a man who’s become a trusted adviser and friend. One of the things we discussed was the lack of marketing ideas and how starved clients are for answers, for tangible examples of what works. It’s Tom’s business to help lead clients to these examples and to […]

I Can See Your Digital Aura

James Dowd believes we’re on the verge of mass customization, a shift in production that will dramatically change the manufacturing score. Everyone knows digitization screwed up publishing, music and film. You think that process is over? Oh no, the next revolution is the digitization of actual, physical stuff. The current economy is only pushing that […]

Rhubarb On The Mind

Wieden + Kennedy art director, technologist and writer, Matthew Carroll likes pie. His pie chart may, or may not, indicate that it’s possible to live a healthy (but pie-centric) lifestyle while working at the pearl of the Pearl. Another take-away is that Carroll likes pie. In a quick Twitter-then-email exchange Carroll said that “sometimes stupid […]

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Writing in Adweek, Steve Simpson of Goodby Silverstein & Partners hits upon a strange truth for our time–that well made commercials are a welcome relief from the drone of sour news and other reality-based programming. The (news) announcer relays the day’s drama from Wall Street, where the rat-faced traders skitter rabid across the trading floor […]

AKQA Has Special Powers (And A Friend At Crain)

Illustration: Pete McDonell Ad Age commissioned a pretty sweet comic book illustration for their glowing feature on San Francisco agency, AKQA. Even as it achieves scale, AKQA hasn’t suffered any dilution of its reputation as a shop with technical smarts, creative chops and other attributes usually ascribed to boutiques. In short, it’s managed to stay […]

Dylan On Vinyl (Digitally)

The redesigned has a tricked out record player that’s available as a pull down menu. Maybe it’s no big thing, but I like it. A lot. The scratchy man from Minnesota belongs on vinyl.

Meet the Marlowes

The Resonsibility Project from Liberty Mutual is a new campaign from Hill Holiday that rests on the shoulders of a fictional but believable family that’s faced with tough times and even tougher decisions. Stuart Elliott says the commercials–directed by the film director Harmony Korine–present fraught moments in the lives of the Marlowes. Paul G. Alexander, […]

Don’t Put Your Principals In A Parade, Show Me Your Principles In Action

Bob Hoffman of Hoffman/Lewis in San Francisco is offering a hell of a lot of value on his site of late. Just the other day, he framed the dance clients and agencies do quite nicely. There is one question every client should ask a prospective agency, and if you’re in an agency it’s a question […]