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Eastman Kodak Introduces A Consumer Advocacy Campaign From Deutsch

Sure the printer you bought was cheap, but the ink is still adding up, expensive replacement cartridge after expensive replacement cartridge. Unless you’re printing with a Kodak inkjet… “Paying too much for printer ink is a financial black hole that consumers can easily avoid,” said Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Eastman Kodak […]

Be A Penny Picker Upper (Dot Com)

Price promotions tend to work. And at a penny-pinching time like this, they ought to work especially well. CiCi’s Pizza believes they will. That’s why the chain of pizza restaurants is dropping special pennies outside its locations that can be redeemed for a free meal and other prizes. I like how basic and humble this […]

Free Idea for Irene Rosenfeld

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a contribution from a veteran food marketer who prefers to remain anonymous. Looking for a line extension or a new niche business? Oceanspray is abandoning their Cran-Fruit product, both the cran-orange and the cran-raspberry. This is a great shelf stable product packaged in 12-ounce plastic containers with a paperboard over-wrap and […]

MTV, Patron of the Arts

According to Animal, “a salacious new video installation will give Times Square tourists something other than the Naked Cowboy to gawk at.” Chewing Color, a selection of video art curated by Marilyn Minter, will show films that “strike a delicate balance between beauty and disgust.” The videos will air on MTV’s outdoor screen between 44th […]

People Love TV. Shout It From The Rooftops.

“It is a story built on shabby journalism, ad industry buffoonery, and the willful suspension of skepticism on a scale unprecedented during my time in the advertising business.” -Bob Hoffman Bob Hoffman a.k.a. The Ad Contrarian is blowing his whistle. He’s crying foul, demanding reparations and working hard to wake you and me up. Why? […]

Monetizing MySearchSpace

Digital advertising at its best promises to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. MySpace, for one, is working to fulfill this promise. Last October, MySpace launched a self-service advertising product called MyAds that allows small businesses to buy ads on its site. Today there are rumors that MySpace will […]

Brazil Or Bust

Valentina Vescovi is covering the Latin America beat for Ad Age. Today she writes about the digital lag in South American markets. She also mentions the opportunity for growth. Mauricio Mazzariol, founder of the Brazilian Bigman shop and, since last January, part of the Wieden & Kennedy team in Portland, Ore., says: “Brazil has a […]

“Trust Me” Cried The Wolf In Ad Man’s Clothing

Trust Me Sneak Peek – Thanks I Need That Rolling Rock is prominently featured in this week’s episode of the TNT show Trust Me. The beer brand is also buying banners on the show’s TNT web page. I’m not a fan of the show–it’s has none of the natural rhythm, charming dialogue or intrigue of […]