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Interactive Doesn’t Mean Online, It Means To Play With, Vol. 2

Power + Water = FogScreen

Branded Tweets on the Rise

BusinessWeek is taking notice of the growing legions of corporate Tweeters. A growing number of companies are keeping track of what’s said about their brands on Twitter. Comcast, Dell, General Motors, H&R Block, Kodak, and Whole Foods Market are among a handful of companies haunting Twitter to do everything from burnish brands to provide customer […]

Just Do It Yourself

Barbarian Group strategist, Noah Brier, shares with Ad Age readers a behind the scenes look at the launch of his Brand Tags site. Here’s one of the things he says that makes a lot of sense: Teach yourself some code: I recently read an article that suggested knowledge of code would be the literacy of […]

Sausage vs. Sausage

Philadelphia agency, Red Tettemer, constructed this “Sausage vs. Sausage” custom foosball table for Hatfield Quality Meats touse at live events and sponsorships. See this Flickr set for more.

Could JWT Successfully Market The ECOnetic?

There’s a very interesting article in BusinessWeek entitled “The 65 MPG Ford the US Can’t Have” about the diesel-powered Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, which is going on sale in Europe. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article: Ford plans to make a gas-powered version of the Fiesta in Mexico for the U.S. So why not manufacture […]

If the Real Thing Don’t Do the Trick, You Better Make Up Something Quick

Rob Walker points to this Hollywood Insider report about the use of Heart’s song “Barracuda” by the McCain/Palin campaign. Heart’s Nancy Wilson felt compelled to personally respond. “I think it’s completely unfair to be so misrepresented,” she said in a phone call to “I feel completely f—ed over.” She and sister Ann Wilson then […]

Creative Marketers Make Successful Businesses

Mark-Hans Richer, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Harley-Davidson, believes people in his position need to be creative. Creativity is as much a core skill set for a successful CMO as a results orientation. In fact, it may be the key differentiator between business success and failure. My supposition is that creativity vs. results […]

In Need of Head Space And Some for the Body Too

I’m about to head up the street to check out a coworking space on Fremont. Given that activity, I couldn’t have picked a better time to stumble upon this meditation on open work space from Tim Siedell of Fusebox. Understand that it’s not for everyone. Make sure you recruit accordingly. In our experience, the best […]