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Union Airs WAPO’s Dirty Laundry

According to The New York Times, The Communications Workers of America union is seeking to restart stalled contract talks with The Washington Post. The union represents 400 manufacturing workers at the Post. The union is running a radio, print and outdoor campaign that seeks to embarrass the paper’s management and bring them to the bargaining […]

AT&T Learns About The Two-Way Conversation The Hard Way

Joel Johnson of Boing Boing Gadgets caused a bit of a stir yesterday, appearing on an AT&T Tech Channel online show and changing the subject to discuss AT&T’s plans to filter the Internet. As Joel says: As you can see from the video, the crew ended up scrubbing the interview about half-way through. Figuring that […]

Steve Nash Shows Nike And The Interwebs Who He Is

According to The Wall Street Journal, NBA star Steve Nash went native and produced his own Nike spot. Mr. Nash, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, says he is happy with how Nike has marketed him but felt he could come up with an ad that reflected more of his personality. There was little financial […]

The Spending Pendulum

The dark clouds of recession are upon us. People want answers to their quesions. “What’s the Fed going to do about this? Can I sell my house in this market? Will my business fail?” Business too seeks answers. The Wall Street Journal looks closely at the key retail sector after weak holiday spending. Chains are […]

Faux Paparazzi

Time Magazine has a disturbing story about people paying faux paparazzi up to $1500 to follow them around town with cameras. The trend is driven by the twin obsessions with chronicling one’s life and experiencing fame. “We live in a culture where if it’s not documented, it doesn’t exist,” says Josh Gamson, a University of […]

Free Idea for Howard Schultz

For any brand that builds community in real life, doing so online is a natural. Starbucks wants to be your community gathering spot. In many cases, it is. But I feel Starbucks has a ways to go online. Here’s what I can “discover” about my local Starbucks on the company’s site: I’d like to discover […]

Studying Silicon Valley’s Higher Math

Microsoft’s $240 million investment in Facebook, which bought them a paltry 1.6% of the company, might now be a model for other social media investments. According to The New York Times, Slide, the maker of applications for social networks, has raised another round of funding – $50 million from the private equity funds at Fidelity […]

Daily Tweet

Evan “Ev” Williams is a native Nebraskan who went on to help create Blogger, which he and his partners then sold to Google. Now, he and Biz Stone have Twitter and whatever else becomes Obvious.