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Shopping For Creative At Craig’s

Craigslist is home to many things, some of which prove to be valuable. The Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership (Estuary Partnership) requests proposals and qualifications for the development of a strategic plan for a consumer education campaign. This campaign will inform consumers on the significant risks to human and environmental health that are associated with […]

CTOs Worth Their Weight In _________

Fred Wilson, a.k.a. “A VC” on the need for a great Chief Technology Officer: Great managers are hard to find in any line of work. But managing developers is even harder. The better the developer the harder they are to manage. I assume its a bit like managing high maintenance entertainers. The best developers are […]

Who Needs Creative Arts When There’s So Much Data Available?

The Kaiser is lamenting the state of creative affairs today. If you work in the creative department of an advertising agency in 2008 you will be hard pushed to find either a member of your team who can remember the old process or somebody who can handle a pencil and can draw – but I […]

White Space Can Be Tough To Fill

See the entire series of blanks from Aaron Whelton.

Ear Deep In Legal

Because I worked on the Coors account and now work on the Camel account, I’ve long since learned that legal has as much say, if not more say, than the brand managers on the business. Which is why I find it amusing to see Stuart Elliott puzzle over the legalese involved in marketing alcohol. The […]

Wieden Ain’t Small (A 10-Person Design Firm Is Small)

The Wall Street Journal has a strange way of seeing things sometimes. The biggest independent on the scene, with billions in annual billings, is still small change to the WSJ.

Presidential Politics Is Just Marketing With Tackier Buttons

Thought I’d give loyal AdPulp readers a preview of an upcoming TalentZoo column while it’s all fresh in my mind. Lord knows, this could all change in a week. In a Presidential campaign, politics is theater. It’s entertainment. And above all else, it’s marketing. Can the ad industry learn anything by watching this $1 billion […]

So Social

I like what Marshall Kirkpatrick has to say about launching a social network in today’s media environment. Social networks have caught on for a reason – they offer functionality that’s very useful for a lot of people in many different communities of interest. That said, everyone is wary of copy-cat, roach-motel, me-too social networks. Why […]