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Media Neutrality Comes To The Corner Office

Scamp posted about Jon Williams, a digital creative taking the helm as ECD at Grey/London. He chose an unusual title for the post: It’s No Longer Safe In The Water. The post has generated some interesting commentary, pitting old school TV addicts against the new school. Here’s how it starts… At 12:18 PM, rjhayter said… […]

Tell Trumpet Your Problems

Agency Spy took note of an original idea from Trumpet in New Orleans. Instead of responding to yet another boring Request for Proposal, Trumpet has issued it’s own RFP, but with a twist. Trumpet’s RFP stands for Request for Problem. Their hope is that potential clients will submit their marketing problems via this web-based channel. […]

AdPulpian Mind Meld

I’ve invited three more highly accomplished marketing pros, writers and big thinkers to join the action here. I’m flattered and thrilled that they’ve all agreed to participate. Please join me in welcoming real journalist Catharine P. Taylor, author, speaker and consultant Tom Asacker and author, speaker and innovation consultant Annette Moser-Wellman to the party. Look […]

Twitter Naked

Spence Hops On The Hillary Wagon

How many glowing phrases are used to describe GSD&M’s Roy Spence in this ABC News article about his work with the Clinton for President campaign? Let’s see: “quirky message guru” “advertising guru” “soul-searching message guru” “branding and messaging whiz” “Idea Man” You have to get way down into the article and infer a little to […]

Dabitch Is Not Ad Wikipedia

Dabitch of Adland shares a funny tale on her personal site from the dark side of adbloggerdom. A bloke from the UK calls, I can hear that he’s in a rather noisy spot, cups hitting tables and chatter in the background and he tells me that he has a blockbuster idea for a commercial that […]

Upgrades At The Industry School

Ad Age has breaking news out of Richmond. Effective Jan. 14, the Richmond, Va.-based VCU Adcenter, founded in 1996, will be called VCU Brandcenter. It also is unveiling a new logo, courtesy of New York-based design firm Collins, as well as a website,, created by Interpublic Group of Cos.’ RG/A, New York. Following lengthy […]

Shady Goodness

When you win an account, you want it to be an account you can believe in and profit from. That can mean any number of things, depending on the account and the people who win it. While a sunglasses account isn’t a car account, I’ve got to believe McGarrah/Jessee is pleased to beat out Fallon […]