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The Profile Is the Ad

Biz Report looks at the importance one retailer places on maintaining an active MySpace profile. Five percent of the TopShop fashion store’s online traffic was driven from its MySpace profile, five times more than a year ago. MySpace traffic accounted for more than twice as much traffic than was received from MSN and Yahoo Search […]

In Search of the Uncommercial

Stuart Elliott reports that TV execs are exploring changes in the way they deliver commercials in attempt to better hold viewers’ attention throughout the program. At a meeting scheduled for today in Burbank, Calif., ABC, part of the Walt Disney Company, will show several ideas to executives from media agencies gathered for the network’s annual […]

Sex Sells Science

Adrants reports that Amanda Congdon is shilling for DuPont. On her blog, Amanda says, “I see nothing wrong with doing commercials.” She apparently felt the need to defend herself, after Huffington Post wrote this headline about her: ABC Videocaster Congdon Caught Working For DuPont On The Side.

The Face-to-Face Effect

Kathy Sierra has been attending conferences for 20 years, but speaking at them only for the past few. In the following passage from her blog, she describes why so many of us climb aboard cramped airplanes for hours on end to gather in a central real-life place. The most underrated benefit of the face-to-face effect […]

Gimmicks Don’t Sell Beer

Stuart Elliott lets us in on a new interactive campaign meant to sell “the world’s most refreshing beer.” Coors Light is planning an interactive initiative, scheduled to start in mid-April, that promotes 4:53 p.m. as the new 5 o’clock. At 4:53 p.m. local time on weekdays, the Coors Light brand symbol, an old-fashioned train called […]

P&G Is Not Affiliated With Satan

Anyone who owns P&G stock knows that the company would never split profits with anyone, least of all Satan. But for those who still entertain doubts, be advised: P&G just won $19.25 million in a decade-long civil suit against four former Amway distributors accused of spreading rumors that the company was affiliated with the Church […]

Wal-Mart Responds To Roehm In A Big Way

Man, this is really airing dirty laundry in public. From today’s New York Times:: Wal-Mart asserted yesterday in a court filing that two of its former top marketing officials had engaged in a sexual relationship during the process of selecting new advertising agencies and had sought jobs with one of the agencies they ultimately recommended. […]

Where Creative Comes From

The official SXSW site is offering several podcasts from the Interactive Conference last week. One I feel good about recommending here is Rob Weychert and Jason Santa Maria’s talk on “Design Inspiration.” Sketch of the panel by Varick Rosete Jason is Creative Director at Happy Cog Studios in Philadelphia. Rob is an Art Director there.