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Conceived In Thunder, Born From Lightning

Stuart Elliott of The New York Times looks at a distinctly Japanese approach to selling Subarus from Moon City Productions in New York City. In a campaign that is scheduled to begin online today, Subaru will promote the 2008 Impreza WRX by invoking the history, heritage and popular culture of its home country, Japan. The […]

Frustrated Flyers Take Note

Mahogany interiors, five-course meals and personal butler service will be available on several Amtrak routes starting this fall, as the national passenger railroad embarks on a new partnership with GrandLuxe Rail Journeys. The companies have teamed up to attach seven special GrandLuxe cars to regularly scheduled Amtrak trains. For Amtrak, the partnership will be a […]

The New American Dream

Author, speaker and creative consultant, Annette Moser-Wellman, is coming from a soulful place. In a recent post on her new blog she reminds us that there’s much more to life than material possessions, status, promotions, award-winning campaigns and the like. There’s a new American dream. Working on projects that matter and pursuing work we are […]

Copy On The Ropes

“The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interest them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” -Howard Gossage Axmith McIntyre Wicht copywriter and creative director, Brian Howlett, penned a piece for the July issue of Communication Arts that argues copy is dead. The war, you see, is long past lost. […]

Modern Media Maven With The Mostest

Adweek interviewed Arianna Huffington, whose site The Huffington Post draws 3.5 million unique readers a month. Here are a few highlights: Q: Do you consider yourself a brand, like Oprah or Martha Stewart? A: I consider the Huffington Post a brand. A brand is something others may consider you, but I still consider myself a […]

State Of Georgia Sues Car Dealer, Dealer Blames Agency

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: About 10,000 Georgia car owners received what appeared to be an alarming flier from General Motors last fall. “Urgent Potential Recall Notice,” the mailing announced in large, bold type. In fact, there was no recall. The flier wasn’t even from GM. Instead, state regulators now say, it was the latest in […]

Whatever Floats The Client’s Boat

To promote the new Titanic Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, personal flotation devices were placed on public statues in the and around the city of Denver, Colorado. I’m not sure how I feel about toying with art for the sake of commerce. How about you? Are you cool with it? [via […]

This Is The Life

Chivas recently launched This Is the Life on The web “channel” shows affluent young Chivas enthusiasts cooking gourmet meals on 50-foot yachts, boutiquing, golfing and learning about hand-rolled cigars. The site also features footage from concerts at Chivas-sponsored concerts, as well as video auditions from couples hoping to land a $200,000-a-year gig as global […]