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Mackey’s Not Wild About Wild Oats

The Colorado press is examining the fate of Bouler-based

Funnel It

It’s Saturday and we’re going through the flotsam in our garage. This billboard from Apple reminds me of how I’d love something like an iPod for all my old paperwork. [via Shedwa]

LinkedIn Traffic Up 323%. TechCrunch Disses ‘Em Anyway.

How would you like to have a 323% increase in site traffic over the past year only to have TechCrunch question the future of your business? That’s exactly the situation LinkedIn faced yesterday when Duncan Riley asked, “Is it enough?” Is this growth high enough given the rising popularity of Facebook as the social networking […]

Trouble Ahead, Internet In Red

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash [via Valleywag]

Oh Snap!

Jeremy Pepper is an infamous (and snarky) PR blogger. Apparently, he’s also known for his avid pursuit of women. Check this two-twit sequence from Josh Hallett: Josh’s live report was sent from BlogPhilly. Here’s Ariel Waldman’s response (from KCMO, I presume): So, what have we learned here? Be careful what you say when live bloggers/Twitterers […]

Consumer Generated Political Advertising

Do you want to see one of the funniest leads in modern-day journalism? Here it is, courtesy of Associated Press: Given all that’s at stake in the 2008 presidential race, it’s a bit terrifying to realize that by one measure, a major role is being played by an aspiring model/actress/fashion designer/former beauty pageant contestant named […]

Ideas In Flux

We all have our favorite agencies and ad peeps. Butler Shine and Stern has occupied a spot atop my list for many years. I could list the reasons why, but I’ll offer a rather simple one at the moment—they had the wisdom to locate in Sausalito. From creative places come big ideas… One of their […]

Consumer Resistance Mounts

Do you need proof that 99.9% of the ads currently in circulation suck? If you do need such evidence, Associated Press has it. Consumers put away their wallets in June, sending retail sales crashing by the sharpest amount in nearly two years. The Commerce Department reported today that retail sales fell by 0.9 percent last […]