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Chan Suh Back In The Game

According to Ad Age, Chan Suh is pulling a Steve Jobs. He’s back in the role of CEO at, the company he founded in 1995. “It’s like getting the band back together,” Mr. Suh said. “It’s time to agitate again.” Mr. Suh, had stepped away from agency operations in 2004, the year after it […]

A Rise In Loaded Tweets

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is reporting that marketers and media companies (like ESPN) have found their way to Twitter. NBC, CBS, ABC Family and MTV are among several networks experimenting with the marketing possibilities of Twitter. Marketing through Twitter — as with any new technology — isn’t a slam dunk. Sending marketing […]

Modernista vs. Reebok

Some agencies don’t simply bend over and take it, I suppose. From The Boston Business Journal: In a rare instance of an ad agency fighting back against a client, Modernista of Boston is suing a former client, a unit of Reebok International Ltd., for breach of contract. The case hinges on Modernista’s allegation that the […]

Consuming Walker

It’s Sunday, which means it time to open The New York Times Magazine and read “Consumed,” the weekly column by Rob Walker. Today’s piece is about Crocs–a shoe I’m already hooked on–so my interest level in the article isn’t there. What I am interested in is finding out more about this writerman, Rob Walker. So […]

Pun Alert

courtesy of Flickr user, DMNYC …and Lewis Lazare wonders why Leo Burnett has problems.

One Sip And You’re Hooked

courtesy of Flickr user, Casey Serin The New York Times spoke with Jamba Juice CEO, Paul E. Clayton (not pictured above), about his company’s brand experience. Q. Is there a demand for $5 smoothies nationwide? A. What there is a demand for is healthier options. Jamba offers a healthy, nutritious option. It is a source […]

Baio Is Back!

Set those DVRs: “Scott Baio is 45…and Single” premieres tomorrow (Sunday), at 10:30 ET on VH1. Here’s an interview with his Chachiness: Was it tough dredging up the past? Scary, not tough. A lot of women wouldn’t talk to me. Some women I was afraid of because I wronged them and hell has no wrath […]

Some Bloggers Make Bank

BusinessWeek is sharing some interesting figures regarding how much income certain A-list blogs pull in. Launched: January, 2000 Revenue: Over $1 million a year Launched: January, 2007 Revenue: Estimated $5,600 a month Launched: October, 2005 Revenue: $12,000 a month Launched: July, 2003 Revenue: Estimated $8,100 a month Launched: March, 1998 […]