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New York City copywriter and anonymous blogger, The Toad Stool, typed up an interesting post about “the real digital revolution.” The real digital revolution has nothing to do with advertising or marketing. In fact, it’s the mortal enemy of advertising and marketing. Because the real digital revolution is about consumer empowerment, the ability to research […]

Josh Spear, 23, Was Born Digital

If you’ve been wondering who Josh Spear is and how he went from a college drop out to a jet setting trend analyst and brand consultant with a hugely popular online presence, this video of his talk at Zeitgeist Europe 2007 will help. Spear’s talk is 18 minutes long. If you don’t have that kind […]

Mmmm…Flame-Broiled Bigness

Burger King and its famous Whopper returned to Japan Friday after a six-year hiatus, and customers who lined up for hours at the first new branch needed no translation to understand “whopper” means “outlandishly huge.” “It feels more like you’re eating a burger,” said Shinichi Fujiki, 37, who wore a paper crown as one of […]

AgencyScoop Gives You…The Scoop On Agencies

While doing a Google search on a recruiter I used to know, I stumbled on to AgencyScoop. It’s an interesting site, I’m just beginning to delve into it, but it seems to be a place where folks can comment on agencies, recruiters, jobs, etc. It was started by Jason Culbertson, who says: This site was […]

Mobile Reporting Devices Put To The Test

According to Stuart Elliott, mobile marketing is at a nascent stage in the United States, as evidenced by spending last year of just $150 million. But that figure is expected to grow to almost $1.3 billion by 2009, as more advertisers change their media choices to reflect the fast-moving shifts in consumer behavior. “The 15-to-24-year-old […]

Fuckin’ Funny

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Mainiacs Invest In Experiential Marketing

Associated Press reports that mail-order retailer L.L. Bean is looking to develop a theme park-style adventure center near its flagship store in Freeport, Maine that will build on the company’s outdoors heritage, drive sales and add another attraction for tourists. Visitors to the site and another Bean-owned property along Casco Bay could try activities from […]

The All Knowing Kevin Lynch Strikes Again

I’d forgotten all about Hadrian’s Wall recent merger with Toronto agency Zig, an MDC Company. Somehow, the very sharp minds at Zig knew this about me-that I’m sometimes forgetful. So they set up an eBay auction of old Hadrian’s Wall gear to remind me. Do these people know how to “surprise and delight” or what?