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IPG Plays Matchmaker Again

According to Adweek, holding company IPG is combining two of its “regional” shops, hoping, as it has before, that the arranged marriage succeeds. In a deal quietly in the works for months, Dallas-based TM (formerly known as Temerlin McLain) will now absorb Seattle boutique Sedgwick Rd. “We’ve both been regional agencies for a long time,” […]

DPC’s Concrete Jungle

Downtown Partners/Chicago has a minimalist, but well designed web presence. Having said that, I fail to grasp the significance of the darkness their imagery conveys other than polished concrete. I keep thinking Spiderman or some other superhero is going to swoop in, but that doesn’t happen. Rather, a few pigeons make their way across the […]

Chicago Advertising Blues

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Lewis Lazare highlights a letter he received from a local post-production veteran: Copywriters were hired for the number of tattoos and piercings on their bodies rather than writing skill or cleverness. Chicago agencies brought people in from the West Coast and London to give their places a cool vibe, not to […]

Engadget Man’s Big New Idea

The New York Post is reporting that Downtown Records and Internet entrepreneur Peter Rojas plan to launch an online-only record label that will offer its music for free and generate revenue only through advertising and sponsorships. One source familiar with the project described it as a “curated YouTube or MySpace for music with an editorially […]

The Dangers Of Typing Too Fast

USA Today’s On Deadline blog shares a fascinating dispute between the stodgy old NCAA and a mainstream media company over the practice of live blogging. The NCAA had a newspaper reporter tossed out of the press box yesterday because he was posting updates on a baseball game to the The Louisville Courier-Journal’s website. The NCAA […]

Now Entering The Post-Web 2.0 Space

Netscape founder and serial entrepreneur Marc Andreessen started a blog recently. One of his early entries claims there’s no such thing as Web 2.0 and cautions against the use of such vague terms. Before the “Web 2.0 space”, you had the “dot com space”, the “intranet space”, the “B2B space”, the “B2C space”, the “security […]

Welcome To The Age Of Media Arts

Bob Garfield caught up with Lee Clow in Cannes. He asked him if he was still an ad guy, what this brave new digital world is all about, if Cannes does more harm than good and other high-minded questions. On the emergence of digital “the “oldest guy” in this business “thinks he gets it.” As […]

An Unusual Call To Action