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Google The Good

Google Earth, a satellite mapping service from the search giant that seeks to “do no evil,” has teamed with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in a bold move to shine light on the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. photo courtesy of Houtlust Thanks to this initiative, 200 million Google Earth users worldwide can now literally […]

In B2B Circles, Event Income Outpaces Ad Revenue

Scott Karp at Publishing 2.0 points to some interesting data from Media Daily News: In a milestone symbolic of the shifts taking place across all media, business-to-business media can no longer be described as the “trade press.” That’s because print advertising now represents a minority of the revenues generated by business-to-business media companies. According to […]

As You Can See On Slide 63…

Cartoon courtesy Hugh MacLeod, who now does work for Microsoft (Powerpoint’s manufacturer) Virginia at Brains on Fire recently found herself “under a mountain of slides.” I shudder to think what the % of total working hours of my career have been spent making, perfecting, or presenting slides. My first role at Dell had a very […]

Not Boston

Josh Spear’s intern, Carmel, uncovered this innovative out-of-home promotion for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Digital marketing agency, Ginga, projected these scenes directly onto a 25-story building in Sao Paulo. The Brazilians, while curious, discerned no imminent threats to public safety.

“It’s Your Thing” Falls On Deaf Ears

USA Today is running a particularly harsh headline today in the Money section: Pier 1 falls off shoppers’ radar. Once a must-shop store for tchotchkes, wicker and affordable Asian furniture, Pier 1 has wound up one of the weakest of home furnishing stores, battered by the bad real estate market. The retailer said Thursday that […]

Attend FOOA For Free

Ryan Carson, the man behind the upcoming Future of Online Advertising conference in New York City is generously offering AdPulp readers a chance to attend the two-day conference for free. After considering the various options for presenting this kick ass perk, we’ve landed on this: please use our comments to explain in 100 words or […]

Bud.TV Not Viral

Nigel Hollis of Millward Brown examines the jerky start for A-B’s $30 million dollar online content play, Bud.TV. Unfortunately for Bud.TV, it seems that the pundits were not alone. While money can buy you content, it can’t, apparently, buy you respect. Of the five males aged 21 to 27 who viewed the site for me, […]

Seen In Shoreditch

Photo courtesy of Flickr user, Szen Volta