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Comedy Central In The House

I don’t know why I’m just now seeing this brilliant Coca-Cola Zero campaign for the first time, but I am. Apparently, Crispin Porter & Bogusky invited a mix of actors and real lawyers to this “rigged up conference room.” The lawyer in the video above is real.

The Old Fear Barrier

Jessi Hempel, Innovation editor at BusinessWeek, looks at a McKinsey report concerning adoption (or lack thereof) of Web 2.0 technologies among gloabal corporations. Following the study, Jacques Bughin, who’s a director in McKinsey’s Brussels office interviewed a number of the respondents. “The reason why blogs and wikis, in particular, aren’t well used is that companies […]

Chuckin’ The Chucks

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) takes a look at several agencies that have recently walked away from fickle but lucrative accounts. Here’s a quick view of one high profile move. Last week, Sausalito, Calif., independent Butler Shine Stern & Partners parted ways with Nike’s Converse, a client of about three years’ standing. Winning […]

Positioning Deconstructed

Jackie Huba opens her latest blog post with a provocative declaration. Positioning is a marketing facade that paints a picture idealized by the marketer, not necessarily the customer. She then points to, a group of MBA students and alumni from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management who provide a view of the Owen brand […]

Push To Purchase

CNET looks at the desire people have to purchase things with their thumbs. Ads for the new CD by singer Tim McGraw carry a texting code, as do magazine writeups for the new Harry Potter novel coming this summer. Some concert halls are selling tickets by text message, and some charities are taking donations […]

Mobile Really Is Your Space

Edelman DERT, the new blog from Edelman’s Digital Entertainment, Rights and Technology Team speculates that social networking sites have an immense opportunity in the mobile realm. The nature of social networking is in many ways ‘information snacking’ or dropping in to the site for a few seconds to see what friends are up to. Nielsen/Netratings […]

PepsiCo Thirsty For Gamers

According to Ad Age, Pepsi-Cola North America wants to keep gamers gaming deep into the night and they have just the solution—a new co-branded beverage called “Mountain Dew Halo 3,” named for Microsoft’s popular Xbox 360 game. The new Dew is positioned as “game fuel.” PepsiCo has partnered with Microsoft before. In 2005, the beverage […]

Custom Publishing Is Advertising

Richard Siklos of The New York Times, after spending “a languorous afternoon watching a new form of video entertainment, sponsored by advertisers like Budweiser and General Electric,” questions the line between commercial messages and content. While I question his questioning, I do like how he ties it all back to custom publishing, pointing to examples […]