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Homage To A Gridiron Hero

To promote its football gear on TV, online and in print, Nike harnassed to the power of story, creating a fictional high school football dream team–the Briscoe Hawks–and tapping pro football history, all in one fell swoop. The Briscoe Hawks, coached by Don Shula, are named for Marlin Briscoe, the first starting black quarterback of […]

Extraordinary Sites In CA

The Communication Arts Interactive Annual arrived at the house today. (a Coca-Cola brand) by Juxt Interactive Unlike the Advertising Annual, the Interactive Annual is full of surprises. For one, most of the work awarded I’ve never seen before. For two, the design ideas on display are often new. Literally new. It’s hard to say […]

Frequent Fliers is an odd little blog. It’s creator, a Canadian named Chris, also has several other hotel blogs looking closely at hotel bathrooms, pools, etc.

Location, Location, Turkey No Mayo

Startup Journal looks at one of Subway’s better expansion strategies. To maintain its rapid growth as strip malls and spots alongside the freeway fill up with fast-food outlets, Subway Restaurants is increasingly moving into locations where rivals have feared — or neglected — to tread. In the past several years, Subway has opened inside a […]

NYC Aims To Add Color To Ad Agencies

An eye-opening story in today’s New York Times takes a look at minority hiring practices–and salaries–in New York City’s ad scene. Finding that just 2 percent of the upper echelon of the advertising industry is black, New York City officials said yesterday that they had reached agreements with several of the nation’s biggest ad firms […]

Meet Madison Avenue’s New King Of Crass

Pete Johnson, 31, is a Brooklyn-based copywriter penning comic doodles that poke fun at the industry that pays his rent. On May 12th we took a look at his skewering of bloggers, which was fun. But his “Creative Department Douchebag” series is even better.

Bio Teacher Attacks Sexy Champion

A friend told me to check out Sexy Champions, based on the fact I liked his last music recommendation, Deadboy & the Elephantmen. So, I clicked over to their site and found this MTV2 spot mixed in with their indie pop:

Pimp My Pulp

According to, one best be careful with the word “pimp,” or brace for litigation. One of the largest media companies in the world is flexing its muscle to stop anyone using a phrase beginning with the words: “Pimp my …”. Viacom, which owns MTV, the worldwide music channel, has sent threatening legal letters to […]