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Medium-Sized Omnicom-Owned Shop (Where I Once Toiled) Is Now Better Than Good, According To An Institute That Knows

Great Place To Work Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management named The Integer Group 9th best medium size company to work for. They also named Bridge Worldwide 9th best small company to work for. Matt Bergantino, a contributing writer here, and a friend, works for Bridge. I used to work for Integer, twice. […]

Social Networking Site Looks Askance At Enormous Wad Of Cash

Jim Scheinman, Bebo’s “deal guy,” now has a story he can tell his grandkids someday. For he just left $552 million U.S. dollars on the table. TechCrunch says the MySpace look-a-like (okay, Bebo looks a little better) rejected the offer from a British Telecom a few weeks ago. Bebo has 25 million registered users and […]

Kind Company’s Blog Not Sustainable

I was pleased to learn Seventh Generation, the nation’s leading brand of non-toxic and environmentally safe household products, is blogging. Then I read their “About” copy, and found it hard to go much deeper. The Inspired Protagonist is Seventh Generation’s voice, reaching out, to inspire the few who will inspire the many, bringing wealth and […]

How’s Your Narrative Coming?

Ad Age has a piece on storytelling’s place in the marketing wheel. Storytelling in a business context is not about telling stories just for the sake of it. Rather, as rational and physical features are becoming easier to imitate, authentic storytelling is becoming a growing source of competitive power. All companies have authentic raw material: […]

New Jersey Mayor Says “No Me Gusta” Spanish Language Ads

From The Newark Star-Ledger: The mayor of a small Bergen County town is calling for a McDonald’s boycott if the fast-food chain does not take down a Spanish-language billboard advertising iced coffee. Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan said the advertisement is “offensive” and “divisive” because it sends a message that Hispanic immigrants do not need to […]

Fashion, Friend Or Phone?

“We are moving away from phones as tools to phones as companions,” Elise Levanto, Nokia’s senior consumer vision manager told Business Week. This may be true in Helsinki, but companions need to be alive, at least where I come from. I’m getting a bit chafed by all the “let the brand be your friend” rhetoric […]

Folgers Does The Microsite/Viral Video Dance

If I’m reading the New York Times right, viral videos are no longer cool. They’ve been adopted by one marketer after another, and now they’ve even caught on in Cincinnati. For decades, the Procter & Gamble Company was perhaps the most staid and traditional national advertiser, rarely approving advertising that deviated from tried-and-true formulas. Now, […]

Is the Ad Industry Ready For Nielsen Ratings For TV Commercials?

Ad Age takes a closer look at changes that are coming to TV ad spending: Come November, Nielsen Media Research will begin delivering average commercial ratings per program with measurements backdated to the start of the season. The figures will be in a format buyers can crunch much more simply than the minute-by-minute data available […]