Kind Company’s Blog Not Sustainable

I was pleased to learn Seventh Generation, the nation’s leading brand of non-toxic and environmentally safe household products, is blogging. Then I read their “About” copy, and found it hard to go much deeper.

The Inspired Protagonist is Seventh Generation’s voice, reaching out, to inspire the few who will inspire the many, bringing wealth and well-being to all who live and are about to live (seven generations) on the planet. We seek to add the action of change to every word, now.

What’s for sale here—cheesy greeting cards or cleaning products?
When a brand enters the larger conversation, it’s imperative to drop all pretense and corporate speak. If that’s all a brand’s pr writers know, then it’s time to find someone else to write the blog.
In realted news, Dell launched a blog. Mercifully, Dell skips the “About” blather.

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