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Delta Flies To SS+K

Congrats to the awesome Noelle Weaver and the rest of the folks at Shepardson Stern + Kaminsky for landing a big fish, as Adweek reports, SS+K has taken the Delta airlines account. Delta, though, is facing bankruptcy and a possible strike, so things won’t be easy. Not to mention a marketing brain drain that has […]

Curiously Underfunded

According to Ad Age, Wrigley plans to pump some serious money into three marquis candy brands it acquired last year from Kraft Foods. Marketing for Altoids and Life Savers is curiously weak. That’s the startling admission from Wrigley’s CEO, who told investors that ad efforts for the two brands were under-marketed when they were owned […]

Each Valley Has Their Own Speak

ValleyWag is conducting a Valley Speak neologisms contest. The winner gets $240 on iTunes and a cord wrapper for their iPod (presuming they have one). Here are some of the leading candidates: Blogamy: Having more than one blog at a time. [Bill Green] iPud: Most ‘casters. [John La Bouff] Blogna sandwich: Reading blogs on a […]

AOL’s Network-Like Ambitions

Media convergence is on. TV is becoming more like the web (where it’s easier to track ROI), and the web (in some cases) is becoming more like TV. So it’s not surprising that America Online desired to change its name to AOL. AOL is like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. The New York Times has […]

“Painfully Generic Vignettes”

When I came across the new Dunkin’ Donuts tagline, America Runs On Dunkin’, I was underwhelmed. Now, Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun Times chimes in on the TV. The new television commercials don’t do much to clarify what management wants Dunkin’ Donuts to become. We watched several of eight new spots, and all of […]

Domain Names For Sale

I’m cleaning out some domain names. The following domains are available for immediate purchase and transfer. I’d be willing to negotiate on most of them, feel free to drop me a line to (be sure to mention the domain in question). The free appraisal service is graciously provided by Keith Pieper of Zetetic. Zetetic […]

Howard Stern May Not Be The Killer App For Sirius

A while back, I wrote that there would always be limits on what kinds of content consumers would be willing to pay for. Now comes this AP report which suggests that many of Howard Stern’s fans aren’t willing to pony up the money to hear him on Sirius Satellite Radio: A Jacobs Media poll of […]

How To Get Your Google Adsense On

Inside Adsense interviewed Ivan Heneghan, a Dublin-based AdSense optimisation specialist. Here’s what he recommends. Q. Tell us an optimisation story… have you ever seen a publisher make a small change and see big results? A. Oh yes, lots of them! But one of my favourites was a science website that was earning about $10 per […]