Howard Stern May Not Be The Killer App For Sirius

A while back, I wrote that there would always be limits on what kinds of content consumers would be willing to pay for.
Now comes this AP report which suggests that many of Howard Stern’s fans aren’t willing to pony up the money to hear him on Sirius Satellite Radio:

A Jacobs Media poll of more than 25,000 listeners of 79 rock stations across the country indicates that 7 out of 10 former Stern listeners continue to listen to terrestrial morning radio shows.
A smaller sampling of five former Stern affiliate stations indicates that about 3 out of 10 listeners are now tuning into competing, established morning shows rather than Stern’s replacements.
“Some shows are in a better position to attract and retain Stern’s listeners than others,” said Fred Jacobs, president of the radio consulting firm that conducted the survey.

It could be that Stern’s act is getting a little stale. And even he’s a little pissed about the lack of listeners. But another monthly bill simply may not be worth it.
Are you listening to Howard these days?



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