AOL’s Network-Like Ambitions

Media convergence is on. TV is becoming more like the web (where it’s easier to track ROI), and the web (in some cases) is becoming more like TV. So it’s not surprising that America Online desired to change its name to AOL. AOL is like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN.
The New York Times has more:

AOL, which recently changed its name from America Online, is in the midst of transforming itself from a proprietary Internet service provider, with a large but dwindling number of dial-up subscribers, to an entertainment portal that makes money through online advertising.
All of the new programs are part of AOL’s plan to expand internationally — the explanation for dropping “America” from its name.
“AOL is a better name than America Online,” chief executive of AOL, Jonathan F. Miller said, because the previous name “no longer reflects the ambitions of the company.”



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