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Houston Tries To Muscle In On Minneapolis And The Rest

From Ad Age: Houston is the fourth-largest city in the U.S., with the Census Bureau pegging its population at slightly over 2 million. But it’s the 18th largest ad market, much to the dismay of local marketing executives. “We’ve taken a major hit,” Lou Congelio, president of Stan & Lou Advertising, told his local brethren […]

Sun Trust Asks A Local To Show Them Around Charleston

From Adweek: Rawle Murdy has been hired by SunTrust Banks to help the company promote its expansion into the Charleston, S.C., market, the shop said. SunTrust has announced plans to open seven branches in the area in April and several more during the next 12 months. The independent Charleston shop will coordinate events and sponsorships […]

A Bullet Point For Someone’s Resume

Lewis Lazare reveals that during 2005, Staples sold no fewer than 500,000 replicas of its Easy Button as a desk accessory. When this happens–a genuine viral response driven by TV–you know your work is working. Conversely, when one of your peers gives you a little trophy for your desk, all you know is some ad […]

127 Addys for Tampa Agency, Retirement Delayed

I don’t know how much entry fees are at the Tampa ADDYS, but local Tampa agency Pyper Paul & Kenney hauled in 127 ADDYS this year. Someone must’ve sold a boat or two to pay for all those entries, but nevertheless, congrats to the folks there. That’s a sweep and a half. PP+K’s honors included […]

Any Motor City AdPulpers Out There?

I’m taking a new ad gig in Detroit. Just wondering if we have any faithful (or unfaithful) readers up there. Drop me a line if you’re there, at Thanks!

Will Paid Word-of-Mouth Do The Trick?

From Ad Age: Troubled by the worsening reputation of drug companies that is ranked just above tobacco and oil manufacturers, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is out to win over a skeptical public — by turning its entire sales force into a PR machine. In an unprecedented mission, the $35.4 billion pharmaceutical giant has quietly anointed its […]

Attention Patchouli Loving Graphic Designers

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is looking for submissions to create a Bonnaroo logo or design. Take a little time to show us what you’ve got, and we may use your artwork for some Bonnaroo merchandise. There are no guidelines for the actual artwork, except that it have some tie to The Bonnaroo Music Festival. Please […]

Can Creativity Be Taught In Schools?

This article in BusinessWeek doesn’t deal with creativity as the advertising business knows it, but the idea that kids today need to be taught to be innovative thinkers. In an interview with Sir Ken Robinson, he talks about the importance of nurturing innovative solutions in the classroom: Creativity is the latest buzzword in the corporate […]