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Three Jobs Open In Sausalito

Federated Media, the blog network started by John Battelle, is looking for help. Now that we have a few months of development under our belt and have learned a few things, FM is ramping up. This is a chance to join a well-backed startup before we move to the next level and get all fat […]

Brandweek Added To List Of Clueless About Blogs

On December 19th, Brandweek published their “Best & Worst Marketing Ideas of 2005.” Here’s a selection: #23 Worst Overhyping of a Marketing Trend—BLOGS Blogs provide almost no new information. They’re frequently inaccurate. They contribute to the hysterical polarization of our nation’s political discourse. And they’re often written by people who can’t, you know, write. So […]

Search Trumps Stats

In a recent post on Gaping Void, Hugh MacLeod returns some of the love Google showers on his projects. Back when I was new to this whole internet thing, I would check my stats at least once a day. Now I’m lucky if I check them once a week, tops. Stats don’t really tell you […]

Mass Marketing Online

AdAge reports that SBC/AT&T’s first marketing campaign includes one of the most comprehensive online ad blitzes ever. Amazingly, their goal is reach nearly half of all unique users. The media buy is structured so that about half of all Web visitors this month starting Jan. 9 will see ads for the newly merged AT&T. The […]

Workin’ Lubars To The Bone

Ad Age named BBDO “Agency of the Year” for 2005, based on the addition of $1 billion in new billings and the agency’s commitment to reorganization. You can read the long-winded rationale, or be satisfied with this gem from the article, care of Chief Creative Officer, David Lubars. “I can’t really say what I do […]

TV Doesn’t Know It’s Dead

NYT: Even with increased competition from video games, the Internet, DVD’s and portable devices, the average television viewing time has risen four minutes a day so far this season over the same period last season. The increase in viewing (from 4 hours and 35 minutes to 4 hours and 39 minutes), measured from Sept. 19 […]

Masters Of The Ad Universe Breathe Life Into Ailing Icon

One of the advantages Sun Times advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, enjoys is the arrival of a steady stream of reels from agencies around the country. Such catering allows him to pop the latest spots into his machine, sit back and let the pontificating begin. In today’s column, he lavishes praise on the new Coca-Cola spots […]

Gold Coast Retailer Unafraid To Wear Politics On Sleeve

NYT: The silvery mannequin in the window sports a sexy black sequined skirt with a butterfly tail and shear fringed halter top, her wrists weighted with $1,000 worth of Swarovski crystal bracelets. But above the matching scarf wrapped around her neck, where the head should be, sits a big red stop sign. n “Stop” as […]