Mass Marketing Online

AdAge reports that SBC/AT&T’s first marketing campaign includes one of the most comprehensive online ad blitzes ever. Amazingly, their goal is reach nearly half of all unique users.

The media buy is structured so that about half of all Web visitors this month starting Jan. 9 will see ads for the newly merged AT&T. The company estimates its campaign will reach 137.8 million unique users, or about 46% of the expected 280 million unique users who will be online for the month. AT&T is basing its calculations on data from ComScore MediaMetrix 2.0.
Plans for the launch include home-page takeovers, banners, sponsorships and dual ad units synchronized on the same page, as well as TV spots on sites ranging from to As part of a promotion called “Open Access Week” on, AT&T also will treat visitors to premium stock research and other content worth more than $20. The company, moreover, is running a full-page introductory ad on the ESPN home page, a first for that site.



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