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Look, You Can Order In

photo by David King

I Know, Let’s Advertise Car Insurance On Transit Turnstyles

[via Adverlab]

9rules Laying Groundwork For Blog Ad Network

ClickZ: Independent blog network 9rules has reorganized its member sites into vertical communities, paving the way for its upcoming blog ad network. The new organizational structure, dubbed 9rules Communities, sorts the more than 120 sites in its 7-month-old network into 30 categories, with more sites and categories being added daily, according to Paul Scrivens, president […]

On “Co-Shopping”

This story in the South Bend Tribune explores Victoria Secret’s popularity among tweens. Lily Feingold and Brittany Garrison, both 11, barely glanced at the nearly nude mannequin in her red tasseled bra and high-cut panties at Victoria’s Secret — one of their favorite stores. “We don’t use that,” Brittany said, nodding toward the bra. Marketing […]

Kos Goes Mainstream

Daily Kos: I’ve recently been on a crusade against the term “mainstream media” or MSM. The fact that it’s a right-wing construct doesn’t help. But the chief reason is that interactive media is now mainstream. In fact, there are tons of blogs and wikis and email lists that have larger readerships than most of the […]

Respond Dammit

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire republished the latest response rate findings from the Direct Marketing Association: Here’s a breakdown of what they found out about average response rates for 2005: Direct Mail: 2.77% Dimensional Mail: 3.67% Postcards: 2.19% Catalogs: 3.67% E-mail: 2.48% Telephone: 8.55% Package Inserts: 1.74% Statement Stuffers: Less than 1% Coupons: 4.29% […]

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: French Prefer Open Source

As reported by ZDNet UK, the French still dig independence. The French public sector has once again shown its love of open source with the news the gendarmerie — the French military police — is to switch to Firefox and Mozilla’s email client Thunderbird. In an interview with the French magazine Linux Practique, the gendarmerie’s […]

European Stylings

Ben Popken unearthed a treasure trove of branded European posters from early- to mid-century. Somehow, I can’t imagine much of the work we see today holding up this well, or transforming itself into something someone somewhere might call art.