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Is Advertising Too Emotional?

Leslie Picot-Zane, who runs a brand consultancy called “The Center For Emotional Marketing,” explores that question in this week’s Brandweek. This is worth a read. Here’s a snippet: One of the classic agency arguments against product information is that it renders the advertising dull and lifeless and gets in the way of the movie they […]

Will Clydesdales And Talking Chimps Look Good On HDTV?

Today’s USA Today notes that nearly half the ads on this year’s Super Bowl will be filmed in high-definition. But even with all the HD hype, there are still obstacles. Depending on the filming and post-production techniques, the ads can cost up to 15% more to produce. And in HD, flaws are also supersharp. “In […]

Go Bears

Lewis Lazare: Leave it to Hadrian’s Wall, one of Chicago’s brightest boutique agencies, to show the rest of this city’s buttoned- down and straightlaced shops how to have a little fun with the highly anticipated Chicago Bears/Carolina Panthers showdown on Sunday. Hadrian’s Wall/Chicago partner Kevin Lynch happens to be a rabid Bears fan, and he […]

I Don’t Care What Reseachers Say, Music Is Not A Commodity

I’m guessing 15-year old podcasting phenom, Zoe, wasn’t part of the following academic study. Breitbart: Internet downloading and MP3 players are creating a generation of people who do not seriously appreciate songs or musical performances, British researchers said. “The accessibility of music has meant that it is taken for granted and does not require a […]

Zero Blog Misfires

Coca-Cola has launched a new product blog and it’s not going over too well. Here’s some of what resistance fighters, The Zero Movement Sucks, have to say: In co-opting the trademarks of the counter-culture–blogs, street art and a passionate cause–to promote an artifically sweetened cocktail of chemicals and flavourings, Coca Cola is demeaning it’s audience. […]

Your Job Doesn’t Suck As Hard As It Could

MediaBuyerPlanner’s profile of “ad agency” Spot Runner reads like a horror movie script in which the horrifying monster is a dead-broke, cheap-ass client. A new, internet-based ad agency, Spot Runner, is positioning itself as a company that offers commercial production, media planning, and ad time for as little as $500. Unlike conventional ad agencies that […]

Spear To The Heart

Josh Spear, the Boulder-based maven of cool, has walked away from his deal with Charles and Marie, the so-called “Quintessential Lifestyle Navigator.” Dear Friends and Family, Six months ago, I was contacted by two men who had an interesting idea to create a website. They wanted access to my readers, my voice and experience as […]

“The Conversation” Will Change You

Hugh MacLeod on the reality of corporate blog adoption, or non-adoption, as the case may be: For all the “Blaze New Trails” rheotoric the corporate PR machine likes to feed the media, most corporate types don’t like rocking the boat. And good blogs rock boats- they can’t help it. Only the brave, and those who […]