Your Job Doesn’t Suck As Hard As It Could

MediaBuyerPlanner’s profile of “ad agency” Spot Runner reads like a horror movie script in which the horrifying monster is a dead-broke, cheap-ass client.

A new, internet-based ad agency, Spot Runner, is positioning itself as a company that offers commercial production, media planning, and ad time for as little as $500. Unlike conventional ad agencies that “simply aren’t equipped to serve local customers,” said Nick Grouf, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Spot Runner, Spot Runner has found a way to allow even the smallest local business to capitalize on television advertising.
Spot Runner allows businesses to log on, provide information about their business and desired locations, and select a commercial from a library of thousands of pre-produced ads. The ads are personalized with the business’s specific information and logos.

Spot Runner’s website claims that “a TV commercial can capture your customer’s attention more quickly and effectively than any other form of advertising,” and that “now your local business can compete against the national chains with an affordable, high quality television commercial that rivals theirs.”
What’s next for Spot Runner? Perhaps they’ll start selling Unicorns and all-inclusive vacations to Middle Earth.



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