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Not Your Grandfather’s Financial Rag

Forbes Magazine and its competitors can’t simply sell to old white men in suits. Not if they want to grow revenue, that is. Yet, I question whether an ad that would be at home in Skateboarding is the way to go. The ad from Merkley and Partners reads: No salary earning, old underpants wearing, billionaire […]

The D.I.Y. Coffeetable Book

Derek Powazek is stoked about Flickr’s new printed photo books, a product still in incubatory stages. My first thought was, “Man, everyone’s gonna want one of these.” (Of their photos, I mean. Not mine. Besides you, mom. You might want one of mine.)

Trickle Down Slow Down

USA Today claims “Oil has yet to hit problematic height” in a headline today. “At some point, high oil prices have to matter,” says David Briggs, head of global equity trading at Federated Investors. “When Joe Six Pack has to start paying $50 to fill up his tank, you have to think they will stop […]

The $8.5 Million Dollar Curry

Market Watch: A pair of top venture-capital firms are putting their money where Adam Curry’s mouth is. The former MTV VJ has secured $8.85 million in backing for his venture, PodShow Inc. “There is little that gets Valley girls and boys as hot and bothered as when an Internet company gets funded by both Sequoia […]

Blogs Trump Chat Rooms As Advertising Vehicle

Ad Age ponders the wisdom of advertising on consumer-controlled spaces. Blogs require caution, but are much more predictable than chat rooms. “The blogs we would encourage people to advertise on have a small number of authors, one, two or three tops. In chat rooms, anyone can post,” said Scott Rafer, CEO of Feedster, a blog […]

One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills

Yesterday, on the 10th anniversary of Garcia’s passing, Seth asked, “What Would Jerry Do?” More than Campbell’s Soup or American Airlines or CAA or Cisco or McKinsey, the Grateful Dead is the template for how organizations are going to grow and succeed moving forward. No, not every element of who they were and what they […]

Score One For Sarcasm

Bumper sticker courtesy of Idea Mill

Amateur Needed

Want to be CBS’s first podcaster? The network is searching for an amateur DJ to interview CBS stars and create a podcast about the new fall season. The podcaster will join the nation’s top DJs at the CBS Radio Junket on September 10 in Hollywood to interview CBS talent for the podcast, which will be […]