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Outstanding Mission Statements: Ninth In A Series

I understand this is not a mission statement, but it could be. The man who wrote it is full of such thoughts, so narrowing him down to one mission statement could be a lot to ask. Not that I have asked. Hey Hugh, does this work for you as a Gapingvoid mission statement? Gapingvoid is […]

Name This Company

Name This Company is a site where you can enter your naming ideas for a company that aspires to be “an inspiration and education company that exists to accelerate the professional success and personal fulfillment of solopreneurs.” Now, you know why they need help naming their company. They’re giving $300 in credit to the […]

Mica Could Be Mega

Ernie Schenck might consider buying a Mica MP3 player from Norway, if it wasn’t for the power of Apple

Agencies In Strange Places: Fifth In A Series

We hear it all the time: “How did an agency this good end up in North Ideeho?” The truth is, Dayne Hanna is originally from New York. Our creative director is from Denver. Many of our creatives have migrated from places like Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Houston. Why? Becasue here we water-ski at lunch. […]

A White Girl In White Jeans

Tom Asacker is getting his Advertainment groove on. Have you seen the new Gap commercial starring Joss Stone? It’s a sign of things to come, as marketers dump traditional advertising and appropriate popular culture to sell their wares. Here’s how it works: The Gap pays Joss to record and star in a hot little number […]

Agencies In Strange Places: Fourth In A Series

Motivated by Carl LaFong’s generous commentary from earlier today (and the fact that place is ever important in business, as it is in life), we are reinstituting our “Agencies in Strange Places” series. Today, we invite you to take a closer look at Kelliher Samets Volk in Burlington, VT. We live in Burlington, Vermont. Lucky […]

Watch Out Vegas

from Montgomery Advertiser: About 50 people, some clutching caf

Dude, Where Are My Coupons?

from Newsday: A year after revelations of dumped papers led to lawsuits and federal investigations, dozens of bundles of a free Newsday advertising circular were found in an abandoned lot in Islip this past weekend. Stacks of the Newsday Food Extra, a package of features, advertising circulars and coupons delivered free to non-subscribers, were visible […]