Every Point of Contact Counts

Rarely are rejection notices considered a marketing opportunity. But everything is marketing when it involves your brand. For instance, these notices often arrive on letterhead, with a big fat logo prominently displayed. That’s a marketing opportunity. The other day, I got such a notice from High Country News, where I had applied to be News […]

Making Emotional Connections Needed Now More Than Ever

“Business is a numbers game and we should never forget it. A Mitsubishi and a BMW both weigh about 4,000 pounds. The BMW costs twice as much. Those are numbers. How many people get MBAs in order to be able to afford a Mitsubishi? Branding is not a numbers game and we shouldn

New Neighborhood Displays Internet Speed

AdPulp has been live for a day now, and already two top influencers have dropped by to comment. Steve Hall of Adrants and Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion. This is the “internet speed” I’ve been hearing so much about, but not experiencing in previous blogger incarnations. The answer is a tight focus. By concerning ourselves with […]

Chicago Magazine Loves Advertising

It should come as no surprise that a lifestyle magazine would fall in love with advertising, and those who make it and place it. In their annual run down of the best places to work (available on news stands now), Chicago Magazine, gives first place to DDB; FCB comes in at #11; Draft is #17 […]

We’ve Got A Reader

Here we are on night one, and we can already report a reader. Thanks to Steve Rubel, “Mr. Micropersuasion,” for dropping by and for linking to us.

Candidates Are Packaged But Their Branding Needs Work

“Politicians can’t be overexposed. Since they can have a life and death effect on us, no one gets tired of them. This is not, ‘Am I going to get tired of Bruce Willis?’ We’re stuck with them. Given how much power they have, eight months of campaigning is a drop. They are the only people […]

Euro RSCG Has Steffan And That’s More Than Most

Euro RSCG has been in the news this week. The New York office is struggling to hold the Intel account, reportedly worth a cool 300 mil. Out west, creative hot shop, Black Rocket which sold an 80 percent interest to the Parisians a few years ago say they now want their shop back. But Havas […]

His Job Is To Shed Light Not To Master

Howard Gossage was an inspiring man. A rogue gentleman who plied his trade in the city by the Bay. An academic who taught advertising at Penn State and wrote eloquently about the business. A man who saw himself as a critic and reformer. A man of the people. A man with big ideas for the […]