Got A Light?

Seed Magazine takes a look at Thank You For Smoking, the new satire from Fox Searchlight Pictures and director Jason Reitman. The Academy of Tobacco Studies, a fictional research institute in the surreal world of Thank You for Smoking, inundates America’s children with the pro-smoking side of the tobacco controversy, all in an effort to […]

Bandwidth Shortage Will Keep Your Computer From Becoming Your TV

I saw Mark Cuban on C-SPAN the other day. He said there’s not enough bandwidth available for rich media content distribution on the interweb. You can also read about it on his blog, where Cuban shares some of Craig Moffet’s Congressional testimony: Despite a great deal of arm waving from “visionaries,” our telecommunications infrastructure is […]

Egg On A.P.’s Face

Huffington Post writer, Larisa Alexandrovna, was violated by Associated Press. AP writer, Katherine Shrader, plagiarised a piece Alexandrovna wrote for The Raw Story. While that sucks, it’s not the worst part of this woeful tale. Upon being confronted about their lack of ethics, a senior editor and ombudsman at AP both admitted they lifted from […]

Where Rockers Chow

This is a good ad from Duncan/Channon, but I find it difficult to believe it’s the Best of Show winner in the latest San Francisco Addys competition. Adweek says it is, so I guess I need to accept that the Bay Area ad community has fallen on tough times. Either that, or the judges were […]

The Medium Is Not The Message. The Message Is The Message.

According to BBC News, an anonymous blog by a young woman in war-torn Iraq has been longlisted for BBC Four’s Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. Baghdad Burning, a first-hand account written under the pseudonym Riverbend, is one of 19 “books” in contention. The winner of the £30,000 prize will be announced on 14 June. Here’s […]

Stop Projecting Human Qualities On Inanimate Objects

Marc Babej points to this Seed Magazine piece that debunks the idea that brands have personalities. Researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University discovered that despite being told over and over again, the American public won’t really be “lovin’” their meal at McDonalds, doesn’t actually believe Disneyland is “happy” and isn’t under the […]

Whazzup With The Ink?

AdPulp user, Vinny Warren, picked up some glowing press from Lewis Lazare this morning. I wonder if he had to take the reporter to dinner or drinks. Writing about a print and outdoor campaign in support of OfficeMax’s new refillable printer ink-cartridge program, Lazare said: There are few products in the vast pantheon of office […]

While The Valley Wags

Flickr founder, Caterina Fake, thinks it’s not the best time to start a company, especially in the Bay Area. Every night there’s a Mashup get together, or a TechCrunch party, or it’s Tag Tuesday, or SuperHappyDevHouse or SXSW or this conference or that conference. And this stuff is fun. It’s a real community. But all […]