The AdPulp Interview: Sally Hogshead

I follow the careers of several strong women and in a few cases count them among my closest advisors and most powerful influences. Sally Hogshead exists in this small circle. Her positive vibration and quick mind are obvious bright points. So is her generosity. I hope this exchange will help give you a sense for […]

The AdPulp Interview: Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman is a funny guy in the tough as balls New York City tradition. He’s also an insightful business leader running a 100+ person ad agency headquartered in San Francisco. Hoffman’s had the occasion to visit Portland recently–his daughter goes to school here–and this has led to some great face-to-face conversations over breakfast and […]

The AdPulp Interview: Amber Case

image courtesy of Flickr user, bouldair NerdAbout is a new blog brand from The Discovery Channel. Currently, there are three “Nerds About” in New York City, Austin and Portland. I asked Portland’s Amber Case how she got this gig and other embarrassing questions. She was kind enough to answer. Q. Do you enjoy being thought […]

The AdPulp Interview: George Parker

George Parker is a much decorated copywriter, emerging author and one of the more colorful bloggers in western culture. He resides in Boise, Idaho but his mind and body are often elsewhere. Parker’s new book, The Ubiquitous Persuaders is billed as a “fifty year update of Vance Packard’s book The Hidden Persuaders. According to Wikipedia, […]

The AdPulp Interview: Alan Wolk

Tangerine Toad hopped out of the anonymous blogger closet. First on Twitter, and now in a feature interview on AgencySpy. Toad’s real name is Alan Wolk. He is a copywriter/creative director who favors the “tradigitalist” moniker. His agency experience spans nearly two decades with stops at Anderson & Lembke, AtmosphereBBDO, Frankfurt Balkind, Ogilvy, JWT and […]

The AdPulp Interview: David Rosen

David Rosen has been a busy man of late. On August 7th, the former Group CD at Deutsch had his first novel, I Just Want My Pants Back, published. He’s been giving readings in Manhattan and promoting his work on these very internets. In the middle of this swirl, Rosen took a moment to entertain […]

The AdPulp Interview: Katherine Stone

Katherine Stone of Engage, Inc. and the Decent Marketing blog, is former Director of Experiential Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. Having led one of the only Experiential Marketing departments at the Fortune 500 level, she has a unique perspective on how to surmount the challenges that companies face internally, and with their customers as they […]

The AdPulp Interview: Marc Babej

Writer, brand strategist and entrepreneur Marc Babej, was kind enough to “sit” for some questions over the New Year’s break. Marc is a frequent contributor to the comments section here and a prolific blogger in his own right. He manages all this while running Reason, Inc., a firm that specializes in strategic insight and development. […]