Super Bowl Commercials, Like Feature Films, Get Their Own Trailers

On Sunday February 7th, the Bridgestone brand will unveil two new commercials–“Whale of a Tale” and “Your Tires or Your Life”–during Super Bowl XLIV. Here’s a trailer for one spot: And here’s the “making of” footage, where you can see how glamorous Super Bowl spot making really is. BTW, Patrick Murray and Bill Cochran work […]

Super Bowl Sunday — The Perfect Occasion for An Abortion Debate

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will appear with his mom in a Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family next month. According to and The Palm Beach Post, Tebow defended the 30-second ad in which he and his mother Pam are expected to discuss her decision not to have an abortion despite […]

Anybody Can Make A Super Bowl Spot. No, Seriously.

Pepsi isn’t going to air any commercials during the Super Bowl this year, but Frito-Lay, the $12 billion unit of PepsiCo will, via their annual consumer generated Crash the Super Bowl campaign. Last year, two unemployed brothers from Batesville, Indiana received $1million from the Frito-Lay’s Doritos brand for trumping the Madison Avenue-made commercials and ranking […]

Pepsi Departs Super Bowl For Another Game Entirely

Pepsi Co. is blowing off the Super Bowl this year. So, we won’t be seeing this kind of slapstick entertainment from the beverage brand like we did last year. According to Meg James of Los Angeles Times: Pepsi’s decision to sit out the Super Bowl, once deemed a can’t-miss showcase for major advertisers, underscores how […]

How To Wisely Invest $5 Mil.

Promotions are often, but not always, based on a free giveaway offer. If it’s a sweepstakes, there’s glitz in the offer itself, but the prize is terribly remote (only a handful of winners). Price promotions, on the other hand, are hard to beat, especially when they strike a cultural nerve and are backed by a […]

Promotion? Not In Your Future

Dave Herbert, 32, and brother Joe, 33, two aspiring filmmakers from Indiana are in the money. They won one million dollars from Doritos, after the snack food brand decided to air the brothers’ “consumer” generated spot during the Super Bowl. The winning spot, made for less than $2,000 and filmed at a YMCA, shows a […]

How Do These Hacks Get Anywhere Near A $3 Mil. Super Bowl Spot?

After watching last night’s run of commercials, Paul Venables was not impressed. Now the San Francisco ad man is calling for a creative New Deal. An armistice in the battle being raged in American homes every Super Bowl. A peace accord in the war over garnering cheap laughs. Let us lay down our loveable chimps. […]

Ride A Dolphin To Your Dream Job In Lala Land

Vinny “Whazzup?” Warren named Career Builder’s spot best of show last night. Then, in an exchange with Dr. Wolk on the subjective nature of judging, Warren wisely adds “…well the thing is that we’re really just judging entertainment really. so it’s not that surprising. plus, it’s a chemical reaction in a way. part of it […]