What We Can Glean From Karl Rove’s Real Bad Day

Now that we’re on the far side of the election, horribly misleading crapvertising like this has vanished from our public airwaves (although it is still plentiful online): Bloomberg reports that the maker of the ad above is under fire from conservative investors who spent more than $300 million on TV ads that failed to deliver […]

You Need Quants And Coders To Rule The World

Certain media personalities and business leaders like to claim President Obama has no traction with the business community. Such statements are wrong on two counts. First, we can not talk about the “business community” as a monolith. For most of us in America, are “in business” of one form or another. Secondly, President Obama and […]

Do We Need Some Nate Silvers In Advertising?

Political campaigns are marketing campaigns. And while Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight wasn’t working for a campaign, he was absolutely on the mark in his projections of the election results this year. Anyone who bet on him, as opposed to pundit predictions on TV, made the right move. Advertising is relying increasingly on data and microtargeting […]

Kerry v. Fischer One of Several Bellwether Races

As we approach Tuesday’s election, the national media is laser-focused on the Presidential race, but there are many other significant races around the nation that will also have a major impact on the kind of government we have for the next two-to-six years. For instance, in my home state of Nebraska, Bob Kerry is running […]

It’s Not A Lie, It’s Just A Convenient Fabrication (How Do Pols Sleep At Night?)

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Will the Republican nominee for President of the United States say anything and do anything to win? Of course, and he’s not the first man to lie and cheat his way to the top, nor will he be the last. Honestly, I’m not that interested in the psychology of male […]

The Sky Is Falling. Grab Your Wallet.

Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, unleashed a new $17.7 million television ad buy Tuesday that will pay for commercials to run in 10 battleground state markets. This is President Obama’s economy? No. Presidents have a lot of power, but they are not omnipotent and they do not “create […]

Prospective Voters Are Hearin’ A Lotta Lip Flappin’

Are you planning to watch the Romney versus Obama debate on TV tonight? It’s not a prize fight, but the media enjoys that frame, since it adds action and excitement where there is none. We need so much more from this process, and at the same time so much less of it. Meanwhile, Americans with […]

Voting For The Better of Two Weak Candidates Is Far From Good Enough, But Do It Anyway

Are you planning to vote this fall? David Jones, advertising cartoonist and Chief Creative Officer at Third Street in Chicago, believes it’s a great idea to do so. In fact, Jones and team remind that it’s the price we must pay, if we feel like kvetching at a later date. “Our campaign celebrates complaining and […]