Trouble Ahead, The Economy In Red

Ad Age is feeling awfully bullish. The trade magazine published an article yesterday–the same day that Standard & Poors downgraded the nation’s debt rating to AA–with this headline: Why Marketers Shouldn’t Worry About Wall Street’s Late-Week Panic Attack. “In the months ahead, financial markets likely will be volatile, consumer confidence will remain under pressure and […]

Despite A Rough And Tumble Economy, New Enterprises Continue To Be Born

Have you heard of The OutCast Agency, a PR firm in San Francisco? No? Then you’re not with a start-up technology concern from The Valley. According to The Wall Street Journal, each month OutCast sees 50 to 75 companies seeking its services, up 50% from last year. “We can’t take on 98% of the business […]

Compensation Does Not Equal Satisfaction, But It Helps

In the next year, over 56% of those employed in the advertising/marketing industry say they plan to change jobs despite higher levels of job satisfaction and an overall 31% increase in salary from a year ago, according to a new study released today by recruiting firm 24 Seven in partnership with Advertising Age. ‚ÄúThis is […]

Roger McNamee On HTML5 And The Future of The Web

Elevation Partners Director and Co-Founder Roger McNamee recently gave a talk at The Paley Center For Media. I haven’t had time to listen all the way through, but BusinessInsider was kind enough to recap many of his key points. For example: Microsoft’s share of internet-connected devices has gone from 95% to under 50% in 3 […]

CMOs Need Bigger Budgets, More Talent And Better Leadership

What are Chief Marketing Officers thinking? It’s a question agency personnel need an answer to, and The CMO Council, a global affinity network of 6,000 chief marketers controlling more than $200 billion in annual spend, has answers. CMO Council’s 2011 State of Marketing Report, released today, offers a broad range of insights and views specific […]

Can You Afford More Than A Grand A Year In Cable? You’re One Of The Lucky Ones

According to Los Angeles Times there’s a sense of urgency surrounding the annual National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. convention in Chicago this week, as big media firms grapple with a host of business challenges that threaten their livelihood. “There clearly is a growing underclass of people who can’t afford the services they want. It would […]

London, Like New York, Is The Place With The Business

I just read a perfectly charming piece in MediaWeek about agencies in London going after smaller “regional” accounts in the North. In the choppy waters of downturn Britain, the trawl for new business from London-based media agencies seems to have taken a sinister bent of late, with those higher up in the food chain increasingly […]

Get In Front of Agency Pros With Purse Strings, Here And Now

The numbers are in and interactive advertising continues to soar. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 2010 Internet advertising revenues totaled a record $26 billion, up 15% from 2009. The most popular ad format in 2010 was search which represented 46% of revenue and saw 12% growth from last year. Sponsorships saw the most growth […]