Give It Away Now

According to Advertising Age, Sean Finnegan is leaving his post as U.S. director of digital at OMD to become the CEO of Omnicom Media Group Digital, a new unit that oversees all of Omnicom’s media entities, such as OMD, PHD and Fuse Sports & Entertainment. In a 2006 interview, the 35-year-old Mr. Finnegan said digital […]

Consuming Walker

It’s Sunday, which means it time to open The New York Times Magazine and read “Consumed,” the weekly column by Rob Walker. Today’s piece is about Crocs–a shoe I’m already hooked on–so my interest level in the article isn’t there. What I am interested in is finding out more about this writerman, Rob Walker. So […]

Why Ad Peeps Keep Anonymous Blogs

Agency Tart is an anonymous account executive at an anonymous agency in an anonymous city (probably NYC). Sometimes all this anonymity bugs me, but not this time. Here’s her Independence Day finger in the eye: Did you ask our permission to take off work this week? That’s what a client said when I told him […]

Integrated Marketing Comes To 720 California St.

Will McGinness tears down walls for a living. Yet, he collects little dust. McGinness joinied Goodby Silverstein + Partners as Interactive Creative Director after working on the VW account at Arnold. Now, he goes by the abbreviated title of Creative Director to reinforce the fact that interactive is no longer a separate discipline at Goodby. […]

While Cannes Burns…

Scott Donaton, Publisher of Advertising Age, wanted sparks to fly from the panel he moderated in Cannes last week. Instead, he could barely muster enough smoke to smudge an industry wallowing in denial. Here’s what we learned at the high-powered Cannes Debate panel on agency reinvention, which I moderated during last week’s International Advertising Festival: […]

Scarpelli Says “Stretch” And Ye Shall Win

Speaking of stretching, Nokia conducted a “Young Creatives Competition” at Cannes, where two-person teams from around the globe had but two days to go from concept to commercial, using the Nokia N93i for their shoot. Team Italy won. New Tee Vee has more.

Wieden’s Authentic Non-Fiction

Fast Company writer Bill Breen interviewed Dan Wieden recently for a feature in the magazine. As always, Dan has some interesting things to say. FC: So in world that’s saturated with marketing messages, how does a brand demonstrate that it is, in fact, authentic? Wieden: Authenticity comes from having a real passion for the thing. […]

Chicago Advertising Blues

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Lewis Lazare highlights a letter he received from a local post-production veteran: Copywriters were hired for the number of tattoos and piercings on their bodies rather than writing skill or cleverness. Chicago agencies brought people in from the West Coast and London to give their places a cool vibe, not to […]