Bernie Mac Knows How To Play The Lottery

Chicago Sun Times is reporting the numbers comedian Bernie Mac is being paid to endorse the Illinois Lottery—$500,000 for about 2-1/2 days of work, or $23,000 an hour. “It certainly makes me pause when I hear those kind of numbers for the little amount of work he’s doing,” said state Rep. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock). “It […]

Federated Media Has Cash On Hand

Forbes reports that Federated Media locked down a round of funding from Panorama Capital, JP Morgan’s venture capital arm. Explaining the deal, FM’s John Battelle says: Choosing who you partner with, in terms of finances, is really critical to a business. I chose to partner with someone I’ve had a long history with, who stood […]

Elk Herd Strengthened By New Blood

From USA TODAY: There are signs of a small, silent social insurgency sweeping through medium-size boomtown cities and suburbs across the nation: young professionals joining the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, a 138-year-old fraternal organization most commonly associated with charitable works, veterans’ causes and Jackie Gleason’s Honeymooners. Like other fraternal organizations, the Elks have […]

Why Save Whales When You Can Save A Newspaper?

A Single Malt Blog

Glenfiddich has launched a blog, written by Ian Millar and Ludo Ducrocq, Chief Brand Ambassador and Global Brand Ambassador, respectively. Hugh MacLeod says Glenfiddich is his “least favorite single malt Scotch on the planet,” and that the gents titles are inane. He does, however, credit them for giving the blog a go. Interestingly, there is […]

No Break From The Corporate Come On

In a disturbing, but typical move, corporate America is shoving its wares in the face of drunken college students on break from their northern campuses. According to USA TODAY: Companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Paramount Pictures have stamped ads on hotel room staples, from pillow cases and shower curtains to room card keys and […]

To Increase American Circulation The Economist Stoops To Use Of Puns

[via New York Times]

France Calls Bullshit

From New York Times: A bill under debate in the French Parliament may require iPods to be able to play music purchased from competing Internet services, not just Apple Computer’s own iTunes Music Store, forcing changes in the business model that gave rise to the revolution in legal digital music downloads. The outcome of the […]