A Match Made In Boulderado

Radar Communications of Boulder, CO has joined forces with Crispin Porter + Bogusky also of Boulder (and Miami), according to a May 7th post from John Winsor, Radar’s founder and CEO.

One of the things that attracted us to join forces with CP+B was not only their fearless approach to advertising and marketing but also the way they approach business itself.
CP+B shares our passion for bringing clients exceptionally close to current and potential customers. Radar will join CP+B’s very talented Cognitive and Cultural Studies (Cogs) department to form Cultural Radar. The Cogs department has become known for providing CP+B clients with a unique perspective on understanding culture and what drives and motivates consumers, by engaging leading minds from outside typical planning culture including cultural anthropologists, sociologists and other engaged people from all walks of live that had a spirit for cultural exploration.
All of us at Radar are thrilled about this unique opportunity and look forward to combining Radar’s research methodologies of ethnography, storytelling and the powerful hybrid of anthropological and journalistic practices.

I didn’t realize CP+B had a Cognitive and Cultural Studies department, nor did I realize that Radar was engaged in “a hybrid of anthropological and journalistic practices.” I must say I find these type of developments within the agency world fascinating.

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