Charmin Lets You Squeeze One Out In Times Square

I love New York City, but I’ve often thought that it’s a very atypical test market compared to the rest of America for the purposes of conducting marketing experiments. But I think this is a pretty good idea. From The New York Times: From next Monday through Dec. 31, the Procter & Gamble Charmin brand […]

KFC Chases The UFO Market

Well, you’ll probably see or read something about it on the news, but just take it from KFC’s official press release today: KFC Corporation (a division of YUM! Brands, Inc. today became the world’s first brand visible from outer space by unveiling a record-breaking 87,500 square feet, updated Colonel Sanders logo in the Area 51 […]

Mississippi Goes On A Charm Offensive

A new ad campaign aims to change people’s perceptions of the state. From The International Herald Tribune: When anyone has wanted to know the country’s poorest state, or its fattest, or least educated, or sickest, or most corrupt, the answer has most often been Mississippi. It has even been rated the worst place to raise […]

Activist Judges Pave The Way For A Burrito Invasion

Okay, so the headline’s a bit overstated. This BusinessWeek article focuses on a lawsuit filed when Panera Bread tried to prevent Qdoba Mexican Grill from opening nearby because Panera contended “a burrito is a sandwich.” Panera has a clause in its lease that prevents the White City Shopping Center in Shrewsbury from renting to another […]

Branded TV Shows And Movies Freely Offered

Today’s New York Times explores the world of marketers who are busy producing their own full-length TV shows and movies: Advertisers say they are prepared to give the shows to networks free or in exchange for commercial air time; such offers could appeal to networks looking to control costs. But some network executives voiced skepticism […]

Best Buy Stole Christmas

Okay, here’s a lesson for all you brand builders out there: If you have a business with an e-commerce component, like say, a major electronics retailer, and you take pre-orders over the web for the hottest video game system of the Christmas season, don’t cancel all the pre-orders 3 days later, explaining that your online […]

My Kind Of Candidate

“Ron Kind even spent your tax dollars to pay teenage girls to watch pornographic movies with probes connected to their genitalia.” Wow. As a copywriter, I do kinda admire getting away with that line in a spot. This ad is from a Wisconsin Congressional race.

Capital One May Not Be Pillagers But They Are Peeping Toms

I recently checked my credit rating (thanks to, which is something everyone needs to do regularly. I noticed that Capital One, they of the “pillaging Vikings” and David Spade “NO” commercials, had checked my credit dozens of times this year. I do not have, nor have I ever had, a Capital One credit card. […]